What’s Wrong with Your Database. 3 Things You Should Do

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Hi! I’m Sharon Jurd and welcome to my Biz Blitz video and today I want to talk to you about what’s wrong with your database. And I’m going to share three things with you that could be making your database worthless in your business. And any business owner will know that your database is your asset. It’s the thing that you can sell at the end of the day. Your desk, your chair, your computer are worthless in a resale of a business. What people buy is your database and your systems and processes around your business and today we’re talking database.

So what are the three things I’m going to share with you today?

One, don’t just have numbers in your database. I hear people say to me all the time, “I’ve got 30,000 people in my database.” “I’ve got 20,000 people in my database.” And I go, “Okay, that’s great. When was the last time you spoke to them?” and they go, “What do you mean? I send a newsletter out each month” Great. Let’s talk about how you really communicate with them. You have to cleanse your database regularly. You have to make sure that that information is accurate and that’s a way of speaking to them because you don’t know if they’ve changed their phone number or they’ve changed their email address, changed their location of business, changed their workplace. All these changes are happening daily and if you’re not keeping up with cleansing your database then your database is worthless. You need to have a cleansed database. We always set up our businesses up to sell, and some people say, “I’m not selling my business.” You will sell it one day, otherwise, you’ll close it up and get nothing for it. And so you’ve got to build that business around making sure that it’s ready to sell and that database, that cleansed database, is an asset you can sell onto somebody else.

Number two is talk to your community outside of social media. Some people say, “Oh, I’ve got X amount of friends or likes…


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