What Is Managed WordPress Hosting

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Managed WordPress Hosting – What is it?

One question I get asked more often than any other is “Is WordPress secure?”…to which I answer – Absolutely.

WordPress security is taken very seriously at Automattic, the developers of WordPress – the problem is with everything else, outdated themes, poorly coded plugins, security holes in your hosting, the list goes on. And the fact that 25% of the worlds websites are now run on WordPress,
makes WordPress sites easy pickings for automated attacks.

Managed WordPress hosting is a service where all the technical aspects of running a WordPress website are managed by a hosting company.

These include:

Site Speed
Off-site backups
Website Uptime monitoring
Theme and Plugin updates.
and the Servers should be configured for WordPress and its unique demands.

So…What you should expect from your Managed WordPress hosting.

Definitely your Basic Site Speed should be up in the top 20% of all tested websites.

Sites using a CDN (cached delivery network) should be in the top 1% of all tested websites…

This doesn’t only give your visitors a great user experience, but Google will appreciate your site speed and may give you a nice little bump in you page rank.

As a minimum, Managed WordPress Hosting should offer the following front line defenses to protect against:

Brute Force Attacks by limiting the number of failed login attempts.

There is a list in the description below with links that explain many of the different features you should be looking for.

Managed WordPress Hosting – http://biteproof.com
Automatic Theme and plugin updates – http://biteproof.com/wordpress-theme-and-plugin-updates/
Malware Protection – http://biteproof.com/malicious-software-protection/
Brute Force Attacks – http://biteproof.com/block-brute-force-attack/
Site Speed and SEO – http://biteproof.com/site-speed-is-it-important-and-does-it-impact-on-search-rankings/
Attack detection (404) errors -…


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