Trevor Noah Rips Donald Trump Over Muslim Ban

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Trevor Noah gave Donald Trump a one-two punch during Tuesday’s Daily Show. The host first commented on Trump’s call for a “complete shutdown” on Muslims entering the U.S. After poking holes in the GOP candidates plan to verify one’s religion at airports, Noah said, “Everyone has the right to be crazy; what worries me is that people are following the crazy. Donald Trump is a problem, but he’s not the problem. There are people who already hold these views, and there used to be kind of an agreement between them and society that they wouldn’t speak these things in public.” Noah then added, “Donald Trump, the frontrunner of a major political party, has basically given them permission to shed their shame and say these things out loud.”


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  • So do you have to start hiding Yr Muslim refugees Friends and children in attics and basements now??
    I forever stand with all the refugees children etc, fleeing persecution, genocide & terror.
    Refugees are FLEEING TERROR. They are not terrorists.
    I will do whatever I can to fight for your freedom and safety. I'm sorry, for Trump's Ignorance.
    But, this is Greece and Human 'rights and Humanity and Integrity is our only true currency.
    Tonight we all become Muslims and refugees.

    Shame on you Trump, shame on you, indeed.

    Greece is Proud of you Americans protest who stood up…Best wishes.

    Plus: the U.S.-Mexico border cannot be built with only the executive signed order . How is trump going to fund it?
    You need money! He’s got to have the money. And you can’t reprogram all that money without congressional authorization.

  • So is he moving to Iran soon?

  • What this guy calls "permission to shed their shame, and say these things out loud" what…he means not being a hypocrite and speaking your mind without worrying about political correctness? Yeah that's trump, that's what we need and that's why I'm for the guy.

  • Trump needs to get beaten in the face with a big hard slab of humility.

  • Wait. So they just said free speech and thought should be suppressed?

  • I thought this was don melon I mean lemon

  • Two idiots online saying fuck Trevor Noah for standing up against a bigot that is Donald Trump, oh sweet world of the Internet, what more will you show me.

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