This Diagram Explains Trump’s Response To Orlando

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Donald Trump used our latest national tragedy to score political points. But why? Stephen tries to connect the dots.

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  • Very bright, Stephen!!! Love you!!!

  • I came here for the comments down below . More funny than the video itself. Watching from the sidelines has its perks xD

  • 6:30 Stephen accidently links Trump with Nazi, desperatly erases

  • Absolutely employ beat lack grip govern hot.

  • i love how last time they blurred a drawn penis on the blackboard, but this is not blurred? lol ok then (not that i think EITHER should be blurred btw)

  • When I saw him put the chalk on 'inconceivable'. I was like : "It's going to be a swastika isn't it."

  • a lot has happened since my first post 8-(

  • "What my racist aunt would say at a picnic" Hahaha

  • OMG this is funny hahahaha

  • Ppl laughing and arguing against each other is just too much but srsly just look how well done the cross is
    Just give the presidency to Stephan Colbert

  • I love how they don't bleep out ass, but they bleep out hole.

  • "He's got a very strong grip." Yes, with his tiny hands.

  • I realized when he was drawing on the chalkboard he made a nazi sign

  • for the first time american presiden get lough from his own.people

  • " … a date that will live in 'told ya so!' " LMAO!!!

  • Why does he circle something on that paper with a pen while the audience laughs? I feel like I've seen others do this too. I look it up and no one else seems to have brought this up

  • It's funny how the Left tries to brand Trump as a Nazi when it's the Left who advocate for socialism while preventing free speech, just as the Nazis had.

    A candidate for the chair of the DNC said "we need to shut other white people down" and a Bernie Sanders spokesperson said "we don't need white people leading the Democratic party right now."
    In addition, many leftists will scream and rail against "white cis males."
    You know who else had a problem with a certain race of people? The Nazis. They didn't like the Jews.

    If you want to see fascism in action, just watch any US campus when a conservative tries to speak there. Just look at the recent "protest" at UC Berkeley.

    With the way the Democratic party is going, I'm afraid for white people when they become a minority in America. By that time (around 2060), the Left might be even more radical, radical enough to round up white people like the Nazis did the Jews. They will say, "It's all that white privileged that is ruining this country."

  • Can we just take a moment and look at how perfectly shaped was that circle?

  • It's insane seeing two extreme sides of political news. They interpret the same news in two so different ways


  • Can someone tell me why the swastika wasn't censored but the penis in the other diagram was? Isn't a swastika more offensive than a penis?

  • Those things don't work fast!

  • How can candidates get away with all of this in the US? Try this in India and there will be a showcause notice issued to the candidate by the court on behalf of the Election Commission of India within the week.
    The candidate will be asked to explain his comments and actions to the Election commissioner and the court which issued the showcause notice.


  • This is the worst president. A Clown

  • I did nazi that diagram coming.

  • You know what, this sounds crazy, but have a little think about this… It'll all very convenient trump being on live news about it. Stating very clearly it's "radical Islam". All these disasters have happened, and somewhat boosted trumps popularity! All in timing to his campaign. And he is always there with his view on why it's 'someone else's fault'. You know I don't want this to be true but what if, Trump organised the shooting. A gay bar in Orlando! You know it's the kind of place people would greave over but alternately wouldn't affect Americans too much..Why would trump comment on this? If you think about it, all this had backed his campaign, by scaring Americans, pointing fingers and fuelled hate towards 'Muslims'! I don't know man, it just all seems a bit of a coincidence.

  • Concrete proof directly from the wolves and snakes mouths. This is what happened during questioning of Obamas administrative staff. Over Hilary leaked emails and fake media's and democratic elites false claims of Russians tampering of votes in favor of our "now" U.S President Donald Trump. If you want the truth first hand, no biased nor favorably "selective" news coverage!!!

  • Fucking hell, even as a classical liberal, this is fucking hilarious…

  • when there is a crazy person who shoots people , why bring up Clinton is in favor of gun control? and also why point at the crazy shooter and imply " hey, he is my political opponents fault!". how conveniet. this happens all the time. we need to stop pointing at crazy people and say they represent every person or every idea or every political party we disagree with… it's so silly.

  • When I saw this swastika-"joke" I lost all respect for Stephen Colbert. It's not even that clever of a joke.

  • hahaha good work, funny stuff

  • Seriously leather fully newly apart wander depending.

  • No, You Freaking idiot! Trump knows that there are many family members of radical terrorists that know what they are doing and know that they could any day go off a hurt a lot of people. For example the Wife of he a Florida night club shooter in under indictment for being aware that he was planning an attack and helping him acquire resources and for agreeing and validate his hostility and belief that it was completely ok. Then another example, The family members of the San Bernadino shooters. The mother in law saw many weapons and Improvised Explosives and plenty of obvious indicators that they were about to to something horrible and they were about to kill and maim and ruin the lives of many many people! I think its sad and sick and flat out immoral for you to sit there and go on and on saying that Trump is so disingenuous and incorrect and lies about things. When frequently in the very same sentence YOU are lying or reporting incorrectly or omitting important facts or context to his statement or position. I pray for you a Stephen, It's sad that you have sold out you integrity and morals for a place at the table with Hollywood scum. I have seen such a shift in your message and what you seem to think and support, You have become the puppet mouth piece for the Satan worshipping Hollywood elites and corrupted media propaganda machine. I hope you resist their obvious control over you and put your country and other people before your poisoned career and stop regurgitating the establishment talking points that Hillary Clinton and her cronies provide you and every other main stream media outlet. Americans a sick of being lied to and told to not believe their own eyes and their own ears, And we're tired of being told we are not smart enough to understand what's really going on so we need some lying price of filth to tell us what to believe and what's the truth. The truth is that every corrupt and discredited and dysfunctional and oppressive groups and institutions and departments of government and political parties and leaders ALL are telling the American people to not listen to Trump or support him and just go back to sleep and telling us it's ok that the Government abuses us, because they Do it for our own good and because they love us. Now you're One of them Stephen! You soul belongs to them now! It's truly sickening to see you allowing them to use you like they are. It's makes a person wonder what they have on you to get you to so willing lie to all of America. You are Better than that!

  • This is how to get Trump elected.

  • Only Stephen can go from speaking about a tragedy that faced the LGBTs to drawing swastikas and make it hilarious.

  • A muslim just shoot and killed 50 people because they were gay. Hmmm how can we turn this into Trump being a nazi?
    Great work so called "comedian". Using pain and death to gain popularity.

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