The rkt container runtime; explanation and demonstration – OpenTechSummit 2016

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Chris Kühl (Kinvolk GmbH)
Linux container technologies are an effective way to isolate processes while saving system resources. This translates directly to lower hosting costs as opposed to running full VMs. rkt is a modular and secure container runtime for Linux systems. In this talk we’ll first give a general overview of the project and then demonstrate how to use it. The overview will include why it exists, what it is, how it works and what makes it unique. The demonstration will show how to build an Application Container Image (ACI), share the ACI, run ACIs and Docker images and use various utility functions rkt provides.
About Chris Kühl:
After getting hooked on free and open source software as a hobby through the GNOME project, Chris was able to turn this passion into a career and has since co-founded Kinvolk in Berlin, which focuses exclusively on open source software engineering for foundational Linux technologies: the Linux kernel, systemd, rkt, etc. Chris is an active member of the Berlin open source community. He helps organize the Berlin meetups for CoreOS and systemd, the Berlin Open Source Eats-n-Drinks Meetup and works with the systemd team to organize systemd.conf.


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