THE DEMON CODE | How the videos were made

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This video supplements content posted to The Life of a Demoniac blog at:

The following unfinished video will eventually show how The Demon Code videos were made, and, in particular, the camera used and its exposure setting. It was shot while walking down a neighborhood street at night, holding the camera chest-high, with its exposure duration set to the highest possible value:

Insodoing, night is turned into day, an enhancement afforded by keeping the aperture open longer, and allowing more light onto the camera sensor for each frame.

The usual, unfortunate side effects from prolonged exposure, namely, low frame rate and motion-blurred frames, in this case, were instrumental in allowing demons sufficient time to draw their code’s characters on each frame. It’s not evident how they managed to do this using streaks of light from streetlamps and headlights on digital media made by a camera that was in my hands.

The video also shows the 1899 Demon Code key, from which the two matches shown in the video were made. There are more than two matches to be made in this clip (albeit redundant ones), as well as in the full length video from which the clip was made, and the remaining 18 or so videos like this.


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