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TeamSpeak3 Crack – Unlimited Servers :

This vide I show for you that How crack Teamspeak3 server and how will be have unlimited slots.
If you dont understand my english because that terible …:) I hope help for you my video.

You have to block teamspeak pages because If you dont do that your ts3 server will be shutdown
a little time. (otherwise i think you will not see all time your server when will stop and when you can
start retry)

You can block these domains in windows host file .
This file location here:


If you are in the linux you
can that here :


Now coming essence you have to write these in hosts file and will be
block this websites (you also see in my video that how ) I use notepad++ the download link in the descriptions .


If you complete these tasks you have to only start ts3 server and than start AccountingServerEmulator.

IMPORTANT:The AccountingServerEmulator has to running all time or when you start your ts3 server
because ts3 server will be shutdown too

The links is in the description of video!

Thanks for Whatching !

You dont forget If you have any question you can ask in youtube comments Have a Nice Day !


Zip file password: abc1234

(Old)TS3 Server [] Links:

Teamspeak3server for Windows32:!Oo8GnYzL!xpbZx8Uvwa…

Teamspeak3server for Windows64:!e5dQQSDb!nO2_yqMk2P…

Teamspeak3server for Linux32:!S4En0QCY!0SFruvA7_u…

Teamspeak3server for Linux64:!uk0iXCxD!_xHmgRHEYa…

YaTQA TS3 Query tool:!XwkzhJzK!bFI9MsnY0c…

Updated Links !

TS3 [ ] Links :

TS3 Server for Windows32:!dpYwwR7I!AuRnoluCR5…

TS3 Server for Windows64:!JsgmgLpZ!UecndUeUvX…

TS3 Server for Linux32:…


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