Teaching Children to think Rationally – Stefan Molyneux interviewed by Antony Sammeroff

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Thank you to Stefan Molyneux of freedomain radio (www.freedomainradio.com)

You can find Antony’s channel on improving relationships at www.youtube.com/enrichyourlife1

Check out his youtube channel: www.youtube.com/stefbot

These videos are published out of love to improve the world by improving the lives of children. If you would like to book a communication coaching session to improve your relationships with your children, partner, friends or colleagues, please email enrichyourlife@outlook.com for details.



  • @Ceej: The example may be wrong but the point of what he is saying is still true, voluntary trade produces better results than coercion. Just substitute another product for the iPad.

  • Kainniak I have a bunch of interviews now, don't know if you've caught them yet, but they are 35-80 minutes long so just what you like, check em out if you haven't already 😉

  • It's not self-detonating. It just has superfluous information attached.

  • "You shouldn't be ashamed about your purchasing decisions unless they're not your own…"

    self detonating statement. If they are not your own, then logically, they are not YOUR purchasing decisions.

  • Also, you really have to prove that Jobs willfully committed fraud. Now, considering his products sell like hotcakes, we can assume most people just don't see it your way.

    Therefore, the burden of proof is on you to back up your vicious claims against Jobs.

  • I could make the same argument about model T fords. Before, only the wealthy had automobiles, prior to that, steamcars.

    But Henry Ford made it so that the average person could buy one.

    All you have demonstrated so far is that Steve Jobs was just plain better at marketing or producing something cheap and good enough to buy and getting the word out about it.

  • I think this requires a bit of explanation. You would have to show how and who was actually coerced into making, distributing, selling or buying of iPads.

  • thanks for your recommendations! I wish I would have time for all that! I'll do what I can this summer. There will be some more long videos for you as I am planning some great interviews, asides from that I will try and keep my own podcasts under 10 minutes because I just want to offer good info that is easy to digest, not waffle too much. I appreciate the feedback a lot!

  • i would recommend just doing something scheduled like one short video and one long a week. maybe a 3 min video where you have a precise message your trying to deliver, and another 30 min video just talking about what ever comes to mind so you can get feed back on your thoughts from other people. No matter what you do 1 or 30 videos you need to release them at the same time every week, i have watched a lot of youtube and that seems to be the most important thing, consistent scheduling.

  • You shouldn't be ashamed about your purchasing decisions unless they're not your own…

    If I ever got a tablet, which I probably wouldn't, it would be that one that is a laptop at home, and you can just pull the screen off and take it with you and have it operate as a tablet while you're gone.

    But, I really hate touch screens. I mean, the passion is strong with me on that one. Cleaning finger oils off a screen is a nightmare. No way I'm buying something designed to get finger oils on it.

  • Interesting – never knew that. So I don't need to be ashamed that I've only got a Samsung & not an iPhone then? 🙂 What tablet would you go for?

  • Nobody could have done it as gracefully as Jobs did. He was a master social manipulator. Others before him have tried and failed and, with him gone, Apple is not long for this world. They nearly failed after they fired him and they'll surely fail without him.

  • surely would have happened sooner or later

  • The market was trying to sell tablet computers for 30 years, and the people consistently said they didn't want them. Then Steve Jobs decided to trick people into buying them by not being entirely clear as to what they were, the tactic that got him fired from Apple for being immoral (and rehired when they were on the verge of bankruptcy due to the fact it made them money).

    Steve Jobs was really good at one thing: Fraud. Social manipulation. Apple products are lower quality and higher priced.

  • Not clear on that. Can you explain?

  • Hi thank you for the feedback, I'll certainly think of doing more long uploads in that case! I was of a mind that people like things short and are more likely to share/watch them but if you like long shows there is a place for that too, I was thinking people would like to flick through a lot of short uploads.

    If there is anything you can do to share the content (through facebook etc.) please do – thanks for your support

  • "Once we stopped using coercion, we got iPads."

    Sorry, Stef. iPads are the result of coercion.

  • i don't know what your goal is but i love long videos 20+ mins long is awesome

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