How to remote control TV playing Youtube via a smartphone

How to remote control TV playing Youtube via a smartphone.
Use PC or smartphone to control smart TV to play Youtube.
This video will guide you how to control TV play Youtube video via a Smartphone or every other device with internet connection (PC, laptop, tablet…)
It is so easy with 2 steps:
1- Open Youtube App on your TV to get a Pair Key
2- Login your Youtube on a smartphone and put the above Pair Key.
Done !!

Hope it can help!

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How to create an “Email Catching” WordPress Theme using Builder

More Information:
Top 9 Customizable Drag’N’Drop WordPress Themes:

This video will walk you through, step by step, how to create a WordPress theme designed to catch email subscribers using iThemes Builder.

This works by using 2 opt-in forms on the page and one feature box on the home page. There’s no knowledge of code required, everything (apart from one small item) is done entirely with the theme options.

IThemes Builder is incredibly powerful and easy to use if you get the chance try this video out, please let me know how you go!

CSS Code used during the video:

.hentry img {
background: #fff;
border: 0px solid #fff;


Soledad theme – How to config homepage magazine layout?

Soledad Premium WordPress Theme Tutorial – How to config magazine layout?
Purchase Soledad theme here:

Online documentation for Soledad theme:


Divi 2.0 Create a Stunning WordPress Theme using Divi 4of4

For more info:
To download the Divi Theme:

How to make a Stunning WordPress Theme using Divi 2.0

Video 1 – Basic Customizations:
Video 2 – Creating an Email Feature Box:
Video 3: Exploring the Divi 2.0 modules pt1:
Video 4: Exploring the Divi 2.0 modules pt2:

The Divi Theme is a highly cusotmizable theme for WordPress which has some stunning features”

– Divi Page Builder
– Slide in Animations
– Parallax Scrolling
– Email Subscription forms
– various modules you can insert anywhere on the page.

The Divi theme is extremely easy to use and can customize a WordPress website to look stunning with terrific animations and effects that require no coding and little time to implement.

The loading speed of the Divi 2.0 theme is quite fast even qhen packed with large images and heavy use of the visual effects included with the package.

Easy to use, fast loading and visually stunning!

Elegent Themes have made this WordPress them it’s flagship product. When you order the Divi Theme you also get every other theme in the Elegant Themes package – a total of 87 Themes!

Order Divi 2.0 through the developer pack and you’ll also get access to their numerous plugins. It’s an extremely valuable theme that comes loaded up with every other theme ET has to offer – most of them brilliant, responsive (including Divi 2.0 – which is responsive) and very slick and visually impressive.

Top 9 Customizable Drag’N’Drop WordPress Themes:


Customize Genesis Child themes with no code! Design Palette Pro & Beaver Builder guide

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Here are the themes & plugins I used in the video:

+ StudioPress themes:
+ Design Palette Pro:
+ Beaver Builder:
+ Genesis Dambuster:
+ SiteOrigin CSS:

Skip ahead:

0:43 Intro to StudioPress
0:56 Intro to Design Palette Pro
2:18 Intro to BeaverBuilder
3:05 Intro to SiteOrigin CSS editor
3:38 Intro to the Genesis theme for the tutorial
4:24 Design Palette Pro features and options
8:14 How to use SiteOrigin CSS editor with Design Palette Pro
11:52 Introduction to BeaverBuilder with Genesis
14:16 Enable edge-to-edge layouts with Genesis Dambuster
15:18 Reviewing a BeaverBuilder layout in Genesis
17:45 Tutorial recap

If you’re a StudioPress theme user, I think you’ll find it hard to find a better collection of plugins to customize your website. With 95 child themes available from StudioPress, there’s a great selection to start from.

Design Palette Pro covers a majority of the CSS design necessary to style a Genesis child theme, while you can use the SiteOrigin CSS editor to pickup the slack. BeaverBuilder and Genesis Dam Buster give you the page building capabilities you need to create amazing layouts.

I hope you find this video useful, please post your comments below!

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Free WordPress Themes By Zebra Themes is a big network in providing premium free WordPress themes.Themes here are of high in quality and made with junk free code with advanced admin panel.Here you will find 100+ free WordPress themes for download. Please visit to download free WordPress themes


Responsive mobile ready .
Multi language support.
Intuitive and easy to use options page.
Customizable blog layout.
Beautiful Featured Image Slider included.
Tested with latest WordPress versions.
9 custom widgets included.
Highly SEO Optimized theme structure
Banners ready. Easily editable from admin panel.
Social Media and Adsense included.
WordPress Custom Menu Support included
Tested in all major browsers.


What Is Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting – What is it?

One question I get asked more often than any other is “Is WordPress secure?”…to which I answer – Absolutely.

WordPress security is taken very seriously at Automattic, the developers of WordPress – the problem is with everything else, outdated themes, poorly coded plugins, security holes in your hosting, the list goes on. And the fact that 25% of the worlds websites are now run on WordPress,
makes WordPress sites easy pickings for automated attacks.

Managed WordPress hosting is a service where all the technical aspects of running a WordPress website are managed by a hosting company.

These include:

Site Speed
Off-site backups
Website Uptime monitoring
Theme and Plugin updates.
and the Servers should be configured for WordPress and its unique demands.

So…What you should expect from your Managed WordPress hosting.

Definitely your Basic Site Speed should be up in the top 20% of all tested websites.

Sites using a CDN (cached delivery network) should be in the top 1% of all tested websites…

This doesn’t only give your visitors a great user experience, but Google will appreciate your site speed and may give you a nice little bump in you page rank.

As a minimum, Managed WordPress Hosting should offer the following front line defenses to protect against:

Brute Force Attacks by limiting the number of failed login attempts.

There is a list in the description below with links that explain many of the different features you should be looking for.

Managed WordPress Hosting –
Automatic Theme and plugin updates –
Malware Protection –
Brute Force Attacks –
Site Speed and SEO –
Attack detection (404) errors -…


Optimize WordPress to Make Money Online | Point Domain Name to Web Hosting

Optimize WordPress to Make Money Online | Point Domain Name to Web Hosting
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How to Change and Install WordPress Themes (and Things You NEED to Know Before You Change Themes!) Free help, tips, & tutorials

How to Change and Install WordPress Themes In this short video you’ll learn how to change and install a new WordPress theme, and also learn some things you need to know before you do change WordPress themes.

If you’ve ever used WordPress, then you most likely have switched themes at least once. If this is your first time, then you’ll get even more from this WordPress tutorial how to video.

WordPress makes it really effortless for you to change themes. It is just a couple of clicks and you’re done. But, just picking a new WordPress theme and clicking activate is not the best way to change themes if your current site has any content. You need to know not only how to change a WordPress theme, but what things need to be done BEFORE you change your theme in WordPress.

In this short video, I’ll not only show you how to change and install WordPress themes, but I’ll also go over a checklist of things that you should do before changing your WordPress theme.

These action steps are vital to ensure the procedure goes without a hitch, otherwise you can easily end up losing components of your site that you did not intend to lose.
Then I’ll walk you step by step through the process of changing your WordPress theme and show you how to install and activate a new WordPress theme. Then if you need to fine tune your new look site, I’ll give you a few pointers on how to edit your new WordPress theme. WordPress sites allow you to upload themes that you buy or find free WordPress themes online through the WordPress dashboard. There are many, many WordPress themes you can find online, or using a search for free WordPress themes on Google or one of the other search engines.

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where is the install…


Los 4 problemas más comunes al instalar Temas de WordPress

En este tutorial aprenderemos cuáles son los 4 problemas más comunes al instalar un tema de WordPress y cómo solucionarlos.
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Este es el theme que usamos
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