How to Start a Blog – The Beginner’s Guide (In 15 Minutes or Less)

This video covers all the basics of how to start your own blog in less than 15 minutes. Our step by step guide for the beginners will help you to setup a blog without any web design or development skills.

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Next you’re going to get your domain name, web hosting account, and setup your own WordPress blog. Just follow the video and we’ll show you how it’s done step by step. If you need any help feel free to contact us at


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WordPress Development: Custom Post Types | Tutorial

This course is an in-depth look at some of WordPress’s more advanced features such as custom post types and taxonomies, customizing and extending the admin interface, managing WordPress installs across multiple environments, and deployment. Learn how to interact with the WP_Query object and all about performance enhancements.

What you’ll learn (in the full course at

• Register post types and taxonomies
• Customize and extend the admin interface
• Create a custom dashboard widget
• Customize the content editor
• Control featured images
• Manipulate user roles and types
• WP_Query and what you need to know has thousands of videos on web development and design. Members access unlimited videos and books.


Different Sidebars For Each Page – WordPress

In this lesson you will learn how to create many different sidebars for each page. For example if you want have a different sidebar on the about page than the contact page this will show you how to do it. We will download the plugin called custom sidebars to accomplish this!


Fiverr – I will.. Code/change/fix WordPress for 10 minutes.

This is the video for one of my Fiverr gigs where I fix small errors in themes and plugins. If you have some small changes you’d like me to take care of then get in touch via or through Fiverr


How to Add .html Extension at the End of a WordPress URL

We can add a “.html” at the end of a wordpress url by editing the permalink structure , Here i used 2 type of urls one is category and post name based and other one without indicating category.

Code for both category and post name ( ) – /%category%/%postname%.html
Only post name ( – /%postname%.html


WordPress: How to move the images links to a new domain

After editing the “Siteurl” and “Home” fields in wp-option table, is common that links to images got broke, this is a way to fix it
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How to Create a Landing Page & Tracking Code with Your WordPress Funeral Home Website
WordPress tutorials for funeral homes using WordPress for their websites.

How to Create a Landing Page & Tracking Code.

Create a WordPress page like any other page, just don’t add it to the menu system
Once the page is published, create the Tracking URL
* Google: url builder
* Install the “Google Analytics URL Builder” extension for Chrome
Use URL shortener or Custom URL Redirect from your site or other domain

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How to Move an HTML Website to a WordPress Website hosted by HostGator Please visit my website if you would like to get the step-by-step instructions provided in this video in electronic form.

How to Move an HTML Website to a WordPress Website hosted by HostGator

If you want to bypass the introduction, skip to 4:15 in the video.

WordPress is an open-source content management system that can be used to create blogs and websites. Because WordPress is open-source, anybody in the world can create new functionality and add-ons that work with WordPress. That means that there are tons of features available and more are being added all the time. If you need a contact form, there are plethora of contact forms from which to choose. If you want to use a nice visual editor, there are plenty of options from which to choose.

I had been vaguely aware that WordPress was one of the top choices for blogs but I only recently became aware that WordPress has evolved into a fully-functional website development platform. I jumped right in and created my first WordPress website for a business I’m starting and found it to be surprisingly easy to use. Then I converted an HTML website that I had put together for a friend of mine. I’m using that website as an example in this video.

Most of the web hosting companies have included WordPress in their offering. I’ve found that has a nice, easy interface that allows you to install WordPress. Hostgator offers reliable web hosting at a reasonable price. I am amazed at how easy it is to get web hosting, register a domain, and install WordPress. Unless you need a sophisticated backend to support a shopping cart or some kind of SQL database, this is something anyone can do. It takes website creation out of the hands of website developers and puts it in the hands of average folks who want to create and maintain their own website. No longer do you have to pay big bucks to have someone build your website. If you can use a graphical user interface (GUI),…


Simple hacking of WordPress using DaVinci (and SQLmap)

This time I’ll show you how DaVinci can identify and exploit vulnerability in a WordPress website. This is just a little example of its WordPress attacks and in this case it uses SQLmap to dump information easier.


Simple How to Make a WordPress Website 2014 – Easy Tutorial | From Web Hosting to 1st Post

1 – Get a domain name.
2 – Hook-up with web hosting.
3 – Install WordPress with 1-click.
4 – Get blogging or customising your website.

This is a walk through video showing you how to go from nothing to having a website live on the internet. The video is about 25 minutes long but the actual process of registering a domain name, setting up web hosting, and installing WordPress only takes about 6 or 7 minutes.

I show you what is necessary to get your own website, what domain name registration and web hosting means and who I use to host my websites (Dreamhost – I even cover the differences between shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers.

I use WordPress to make my websites, and therefore I needed a web host that allowed easy WordPress setup. has a one-click WordPress Install that is super easy to use.

Follow along with the video as I register a brand new domain name, set up web hosting, install WordPress, and then do some simple website configuration and publish 2 new posts with pictures and a new about me page.

If you want a website for a personal blog or for your business and you want to set it up yourself now then follow along and you’ll have one within the hour (note sometimes it may take slightly longer for all the DNS name servers etc. to sort themselves out, but this is something that in normal and you don’t need to worry about).

With Dreamhost ( you get a FREE two week trial, a FREE domain name, and a 97 day money back guarantee – industry leading offer.

Hope you enjoy the video, and please ask any question you have below.

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