How to remote control TV playing Youtube via a smartphone

How to remote control TV playing Youtube via a smartphone.
Use PC or smartphone to control smart TV to play Youtube.
This video will guide you how to control TV play Youtube video via a Smartphone or every other device with internet connection (PC, laptop, tablet…)
It is so easy with 2 steps:
1- Open Youtube App on your TV to get a Pair Key
2- Login your Youtube on a smartphone and put the above Pair Key.
Done !!

Hope it can help!

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How to Remove Block Advertisements on Skype Completely

How to Remove Block Advertisements on Skype Completely.
Skype has replaced Yahoo to become the most popular free chat and call software that many of us use it on a daily basis, whether it’s at work or in the home, whether you are on a mobile or on a computer. Besides many useful features, Skype and Microsoft are not much different from others, they steal our information then annoy us with their advertisements.
In this video, I will guide you how to remove and block advertisements in Skype completely. This guide works will both versions Skype 6.x and Skype 7.x

There are 3 ways to block/ remove advertisements in SKype:
1. Block Advertisements in Skype by setting Restricted Sites in Internet Options Security
2. Completely Remove Advertisements in Skype by setting AdvertPlaceholder
3. Block Advertisements in Skype by setting the hosts file
Hope it can help!

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