Learn HTML CSS and Javascript By Building Instagram #7 – Finishing Card Footer

We Finish the styling and css of the code building an instagram clone. This is for practice so you guys can learn how to build sites.

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PHP and Mysql

Full Stack NodeJS Bootcamp

JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts

ES6 Javascript

Learn React

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Modern Web Development

There is a recent discussion as to whether the speed of a web developer is equal to productivity. According to the interpretation, it is linked to divergent views on this issue. However, the productivity of a developer must be assimilated to the question of whether the project was completed in time, but more importantly is the question of whether the application is usable. From the analysis, it is clear that a faster web development project completed depending on various factors such as complexity, functionality and measurement of productivity. If you decide to hire a web developer, make sure that web experts understand the world of web today.

Understanding Modern Web Development

In order to make applications quality, these applications must be taken from the perspective of a user. Creating an application based on the complexity or it will be easy for the end user to use the same application ensures that a developer can anticipate any challenges that the user is likely to encounter. The assumption here is how the user interacts with the application.

mobile approach

Today, smart phones can be attributed to one of the strongest growth phenomena to the increase in the number of smartphone users. The latest statistics show that nearly 64% of all mobile users worldwide use smart phones. This figure is increasing day by day. The current trend smartphone uses modern web development should be included so that applications can be used in various devices such as mobile devices as opposed to the traditional approach that has made applications for individual components. This means that an integrated web application will work for the use of the computer and in devices such as tablets and smartphones. In fact, the best approach in modern development is that applications must be built first for small devices prior to the PC functionality.

Web Technology Stack

As a result of advances in the field of information and technology, web developers have a huge resource of modern…


006 Uploading and Downloading Web Project On Web Hosting

The Complete Web Developer Masterclass

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