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Building a menu in Bootstrap Studio

Following on from the overview video I did, this vid delves deeper into what you can actually do, starting off with a demonstration of using a menu/navigation as the beginning point of a design.

Other things covered are hiding and showing on mobile devices, drag and drop techniques, the search engine tool in bootstrap studio and much more.


Lesson 3:CSS Selectors

In this video we talk about css selectors
class selector
id selector
Grouping Selectors


Responsive Fluid Grid Tutorial Using Masonry

In this tutorial I will show how to design a responsive and fluid grid using free javascript library called ‘Masonry’.
In this video i will cover this on PlayScript (


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Our first course is teaching HTML and CSS!
This meeting, we’ll be starting the HTML and CSS course on Codecademy.


the best website hosting review

iPage was formerly a web hosting supplier that provide simple solution to those who want website creation, web development plus web host services. This company became non-active for years and was re-launched October 2009. The new iPage currently is leaded by completely new management and offers everything you need to start a web site. This process includes web hosting, site management, e-mail hosting, domain-name registration, e-commerce services, internet site scripting, and moreover search engine optimization.
My internet hosting experience with iPage:
I was sufficiently lucky to make contact with one of the leading supervision in and organize to obtain a cost-free account for comparison goal. And so far from the things I find out, almost everything is actually working great at Server is good and loading very quickly, customer care
and responding to the chat request, and So i am very happy with the addon functions we’re viewing. That it is worth nothing that ipage offers a huge listing of add on services that could save you some money.
What’s wonderful about iPage company hosting?
At any time Money-Back Warranty:
An incredible selling point of iPage company is their ‘Anytime Money-Back Guarantee’. In case you are familiar by the web hosting field, you should recognized that most web hosting sites basically will allow you to 30 – 45 days trial period. However with, you’ll be able to claim the complete or pro rated refund in the event you stop your account anytime throughout the subscription period.
In other words, you have no risk in any way if sign up to Whenever you see things you do not like using their provider, you may stop off your web hosting service account and get a refund. So now how excellent is that – Web hosting since year 1998:
Without doubt, iPage hosting is very brand new compare to many other web hosting companies. But, don’t make their newness set you away from! The iPage supplier is lead by…


Web Design With HTML5 and CSS3 | UC Berkeley Extension

Learn more about the course at

Instructor Sharon Kaitner explains how you can learn a valuable skill in just a matter of weeks in her online course, Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3.


Insert a responsive JQuery image slideshow—This is a video in my HOW Design University course entitled “Cutting Edge Web Design.” In this video, I show you how to easily insert a JQuery responsive slideshow into your HTML page. This slideshow ( is simple and lightweight for images.


Divi 2.0 Create a Stunning WordPress Theme using Divi 4of4

For more info:
To download the Divi Theme:

How to make a Stunning WordPress Theme using Divi 2.0

Video 1 – Basic Customizations:
Video 2 – Creating an Email Feature Box:
Video 3: Exploring the Divi 2.0 modules pt1:
Video 4: Exploring the Divi 2.0 modules pt2:

The Divi Theme is a highly cusotmizable theme for WordPress which has some stunning features”

– Divi Page Builder
– Slide in Animations
– Parallax Scrolling
– Email Subscription forms
– various modules you can insert anywhere on the page.

The Divi theme is extremely easy to use and can customize a WordPress website to look stunning with terrific animations and effects that require no coding and little time to implement.

The loading speed of the Divi 2.0 theme is quite fast even qhen packed with large images and heavy use of the visual effects included with the package.

Easy to use, fast loading and visually stunning!

Elegent Themes have made this WordPress them it’s flagship product. When you order the Divi Theme you also get every other theme in the Elegant Themes package – a total of 87 Themes!

Order Divi 2.0 through the developer pack and you’ll also get access to their numerous plugins. It’s an extremely valuable theme that comes loaded up with every other theme ET has to offer – most of them brilliant, responsive (including Divi 2.0 – which is responsive) and very slick and visually impressive.

Top 9 Customizable Drag’N’Drop WordPress Themes:


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