Install Tor Hidden Service using Nginx and custom .onion URL

How to install Tor Hidden Service using Nginx and custom .onion URL

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NEWS: Melania Trump’s style transformation 2017 | style transformation January 2017

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“INAUGURATION DAY” — A Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Politicians CAN say what they’re actually thinking…

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Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight.

Hillary Clinton, the inevitable liar. If you liked the video, please consider supporting our channel on our channel page!

Added subtitles on Sept 20.


Bernie Sanders Must Contest Arizona & Stop Allowing the Theft Of Democratic Primary

LOT of sources/linking in video description below, click SHOW MORE: In Arizona, we witnessed the most blatant voter suppression and election rigging yet along with a media advancing wag the dog politics. Sane Progressive calls it out: The Empress Has No Clothes. Sanders MUST respond.
Exit Polls Showed a Sanders Win Yet Media Reported Clinton Won with less than 1 percent of vote in and tens of thousands of voters iN LINE (last voter didn’t vote until MIDNIGHT):
Mass Trouble and Potential Sabotage in Arizona Polls:
Jeff Weaver, Sanders Campaign Manager Says Problem with Numbers:
Concerns Sanders State Data Base Hacked Last Week – then we see mass purging of Sanders voters from roles and forced to provisionally vote:
Five Outrageous Examples of Vote Suppression in Arizona:

5 Outrageous Examples of Voter Suppression in the Arizona Primary

See stores above for videos including lines BLOCKs long to vote, individuals sharing stories of being purged from rolls, and more
I will be putting up more links in the comment section as additional information becomes available, as often when I add links in the vid description box, it kills my other links – check the comment box for updates). Thanks all.
Also See Sane Progressive Video Library for reports on past election problems in Iowa, Nevada, Massachusetts, Illinois, Missouri, and other states. Thanks all.


George Stephanopoulos Clashes With Stephen Miller on Voter Fraud: You Have Provided Zero Evidence

George Stephanopoulos got particularly heated with White House senior policy advisor Stephen Miller over recent claims by President Trump of voter fraud.

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BREAKING Judge Napolitano on 9th Circuit Court Trump travel ban remains blocked February 10 2017

BREAKING Judge Napolitano on 9th Circuit appeals Court ruling Trump travel ban remains blocked February 10 2017 News

BREAKING Russian Airstrikes bomb Turkish positions near Biblical Euphrates Syria February 10 2017

Breaking Trump Conflict Appeals Court Muslim Countries travel Ban Law and Order February 8 2017

BREAKING TRUMP interview with O’Reilly Part2 February 7 2017 News

Breaking TRUMP O’reilly interview Part3 February 7 2017

BREAKING NWO GLOBALISTS Open Borders ISLAM Invasion Malta European Union summit 2017 February 4 2017

Breaking TRUMP weekly Presidential address February 3 2017

BREAKING USA judge STOPS nationwide Trump’s ban unvetted refugees 7 Muslim countries February 3 2017

February 2017 Wait on the LORD – Everlasting God faithful and true in these Last Days End Times

Breaking Michael Flynn Trump top advisor warns Iran for firing a ballistic missile February 1 2017

BREAKING Netanyahu USA embassy must be in ISRAEL Capital city Jerusalem February 1 2017

BREAKING Retaking MOSUL IRAQ Battle against ISLAMIC State Atrocities February 1 2017 News

Battle 4 Mosul Iraq ISLAMIC state WAR RAW footage against KURDS USA

ISLAMIC State Mosul Iraq Front lines Behind the Scenes Breaking News February 1 2017



How To Vote In California

How to vote in California! Everything you need to know from registering and voter ID laws to absentee voting and sample ballots!


Check your registration status:

Register to vote:

Request an absentee/mail ballot:

County Elections Offices

Find your polling place:
You can also text the word “Vote” to 468683

Voter information guide:


More states:

Google’s simple “How to Register” system:


How to add Adsense code to your website

earn how anyone can insert Google Adsense into their website without training or software. Easily add Adsense and begin making profits from your website content

Please watch: “#Five Red ///M235i #Awesome – Drift ”



USDA Deletes Database! ANIMAL CRUELTY – PETA – Pets – Tilikum – Zoo

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