Cant install or uninstall (Error 1500) Another installation is in progress

Here is a video to help you install or uninstall programs when it says that something else is installing but its not, in the video there are 2 methods. I try this both myself and it has not made a bad change on my computer or anything else. Hope it helps! This is from a Windows Vista but I think that it also works on any other computer.


Terminal Server Installation – Terminal Services in Windows Server 2008 Part 2

This Tutorial in Hindi by Jagvinder Thind shows Installation of Terminal Services in Server 2008 in hindi. Terminal server 2008 Configuration. server 2008 tutorial in Hindi


How to Install GUI on Ubuntu Server – Full Guide

Hey Everybody ! In this Video i will tell you how to Install GUI into Ubuntu Server ! Thanks !


Instalando WHMCS config ioncube part 3

Instalando WHMCS config ioncube


How to setup dot tk for blogger blogs: 2011 Oct

This video explains step by step how to get a address / domain name for your blogger (with DNS configuration) blog for FREE. Just follow the simple steps and it takes only 5 minutes.
These are the IP addresses I entered in the video.

Some people think that dot tk addresses are only a redirect service, but no, you can also use it as a domain name.

To learn about advantages and disadvantages of dot tk (review), goto this link.

For more information and the steps in photos, visit my tech blog.

To see how to get a dot tk domain name for your Tumblr blog, goto this link.


Philips DX30 & DCM4CHEE DICOM Server configuration

This small tutorial explains how to setup the Philips DX30 US system to work with the opensouce DM4CHEE Dicom serveur (Default configuratio).


Raspberry PI 2, 30Min install of Production WIndows 10 for IoT

So it was finally released today 29th July 2015 I thought I would give it an immediate install and share with you all. So in this the first video featuring the Production version of Windows 10 for IOT and Visual Studio 2015 Community on Windows 10 we will go through the new way to prep the SD card, get the primary screen up and running and have a quick look at what may be new

In follow up videos I will look at migrating the RC version of a Visual Studio project as there not compatible and I will use my DAC8734 project for that purpose

MS has all the files for download, here are a few links to get you started, I will be following p with a detailed Post

Visual Studio 2015 Community Download:

IoT Core Templates for Visual Studio:

IoT Core for the Raspberry PI This link also has additional instructions, I will be providing my take on the install when I make my Post but here is the original and what I followed to start with

I am not sure how many of the MS Sample projects have been updated for the production Visual Studio but they can be found here

If you have just installed windows 10 on your PC, you may have to enable “Developer Mode”, instructions can be found here

And more dev kits and samples can be found here too


Install Steam in Ubuntu in 2 Step Command Line (apt-get) Tutorial

Installation from Ubuntu Repository

The easiest way to install STEAM on Ubuntu 16.04 and up is by using apt-get command to fetch steam installed directly from Ubuntu’s multiverse repository:

sudo add-apt-repository multiverse
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install steam

If you get error fellow this method and try again
Getting a ‘package not found’ error? If so, you need to enable the multiverse repository first.

This can be done in one of two ways:

1 Open ‘Software & Updates’ from the Unity Dash
2 Go to the ‘Ubuntu Software’ tab
3 Check the box next to ‘Ubuntu Software Restricted by Copyright (Multiverse)‘
4 Click ‘Close’


STEP BY STEP Filezilla Server/client installation and configuration. Video 1 of 3

Step by step how-to guide aimed at beginners on how to set up an ftp server.

Filezilla client download:
Filezilla server download:

ANY questions and comments Welcome.


How to Install IIS 7 on new Windows 7
This video demonstrates how to install IIS 7 on the new Windows 7 operating system. Very straight forward and easy to follow video.



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