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How to Research and Find Best Branded Domain Name | Urdu/Hindi Tutorial

How to Research and Find Best Branded Domain Name | Urdu/Hindi Tutorial for new seo and digital marketer researcher.
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How to buy domain and hosting | update nameserver & addon domain in cpanel- Part 01 | Shameem Ahmmed

How to buy domain and hosting | update nameserver & addon domain | install wordpress – Part 01

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How To Buy A Domain

How To Buy A Domain

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Domain Name Front Running and Unscrupulous Domain Registrars

What is Domain Name Front Running?

It has been a long-held suspicion by many people that a practice known as “domain name front running” exists. Domain name front running occurs when someone monitors attempts to check out currently nonexistent domain names, and then quickly snaps up those names before the person inquiring can buy it through a registrar. The intention is to sell the domain name to the interested party at a higher price, thereby making a tidy profit without even having to develop a website on the domain.

At the time I write this, it has not been proven that these practices occur. However, since such monitoring is technically possible and easily accomplished, and anecdotal accounts from victims abound, many people believe that domain name front running is very real. Particularly when they lose a domain name they have just checked.
Unscrupulous Domain Name Registrars

A related issue to domain name front running is that of unscrupulous domain registrars. Recently a domain name registrar was found to have registered every domain name that was entered into their search box. If you go to that registrar simply to check whether a domain name was available, your domain name will be instantly snapped up by them.

Unlike the alleged domain name front runners, however, their operation is designed to be more anti-competitive than anything else. You can still register the domain name at their advertised price (which is more expensive than most other registrars), but only with them. No…


How to buy a Domain & Hosting from Namecheap | cPanel customization

In this video bangla tutorial I’ll show you how to buy a domain and hosting for namecheap and also how to use/customize hosting cPanel.

SEO bangla video tutorial.


How to buy a cheap domain from godaddy 2016

How to buy a cheap domain from GoDaddy 2016. With the help of this video you can buy a domain in only $1 or 100 Rs.