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GoDaddy .com Domain Coupon Code

You can get a GoDaddy .com domain name for just $4.99. They are usually $10.99. I have tried this link multiple times and each time it has worked.

Getting a .com domain will give your website more authority online and will be easier for visitors to remember your url.

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How to Forward Godaddy Domain Name- Tutorial for Online Profit For Dummies

This tutorial shows OPFD members how to forward their domains to the marketing website. Getting a domain is needed to gain more viewers, because a domain name that can be remembered will be typed more than a long one that is forgotten the minute it is read. A good domain will be short straight to the point of what your marketing. For instance my website is called It is somewhat lengthy but it is also something people will indeed type in and remember quit easily. Also, purchasing a domain will mask your affiliate links so that you will not appear spammy to the websites your advertising on. If your going to post on Craigslist or Backpage you will need a domain name. To get your domain name simply click link below.

Masking prevents visitors from seeing your domain name forwarding by keeping your domain name in the Web browser’s address bar.

Here are the steps to configure forwarding.

Ok, to Forward or Mask Your Domain Name you first need to log into your account manager, Once logged in scroll to the domain you want to be your new url or domain.
Locate the launch button that is to the right of the domain.
Click launch
Now a new window will open, here is where you will forward from old to new url. .
You want to type in the old domain name in the forward to url box.

NOTE: You cannot forward or mask .tk domain names.

Now click Forward, and then select Forward Domain. All you have to do now is update your DNS settings. And your done
Once you have activating this new setting your domain name servers and IP will change. Your visitors will be sent to the website you direct the new domain to. If you are currently hosting a website for a domain name and you forward it, visitors can no longer access your website. Instead, they will be directed to the URL you enter.


How To Point Your Domain Name To Your Website Host

How to Connect Your Domain to Your Web Host – Click here for more FREE WordPress tutorials and tips: A short video that shows you how .

– In this video tutorial you’ll learn how to point your domain .

how to connect your domain to your web host – Step by step tutorial of how to point your domain name to your web hosting servers. Learn to transfer DNS to .

A 10 minute video showing you how to connect your new add-on domain name to your hosting company, using GoDaddy .


HostGator Reseller Hosting Tutorial (Using GoDaddy Domain)

Want to learn more about creating websites and using WordPress? Visit my website:

HostGator Reseller Tutorial

My preferred website setup is HostGator for web hosting and GoDaddy to register domain names. It’s a good idea to separate these services, because sometimes companies will try to lock-in your domain if you cancel web hosting with them.

I’ll first take you through my process for registering a domain.

Then you’ll see how easy it is to create and manage several client websites using the HostGator reseller hosting package. Or if you choose to go with a shared hosting account, you can simply create these new accounts each time you get a new client.

I highly recommend you use HostGator for reseller website hosting – I have for years with zero problems:

You can follow my process for updating the nameservers and DNS settings on your domain manager. This will point the domain to your new HostGator reseller account.

Then you can create a new hosting account using WHM, which includes adding a package to allocate the desired amount of space on your web server, then creating a cPanel account to manage the individual domain hosting settings.

You’ll also find out how to create a simple e-mail forwarded so you can accept e-mail at your new domain, even if you don’t want to create an account.

I simply forward e-mail to my Gmail account and manage several e-mail addresses from there using filters and other methods.

Watch my video for a step-by-step tutorial of this entire process from start to finish on my personal domain.

Here’s the other piece of software recommended in this video, LastPass:

They make managing several accounts for yourself and clients a breeze.

Do yourself a favor and go with their password manager to make your life easier and your websites more secure!

Did you enjoy this HostGator Reseller tutorial to setup hosting? Give the…


How to Connect Your Domain to Your Web Host

How to Connect Your Domain to Your Web Host – Click here for more FREE WordPress tutorials and tips: A short video that shows you how to quickly find an available domain name and web hosting, then connect them together via DNS name servers.

** If you need web hosting, my HostGator promo code 30% discount- MIKEsave30

**If you prefer to pay monthly, first month for $0.01 – MIKEsave10

(I do receive a small commission from HostGator if you purchase using one of my coupon codes-Thank you!)

How to Connect Your Domain to Your Web Host

First thing you need to make a WordPress website is a domain name or web address. Find out if it’s available, then purchase it, then get web hosting – a place to put your website files. I use and recommend HostGator – good company with very good support. Then you’ll need to connect them together via the DNS name servers.

GoDaddy and NameCheap are where I buy most all of my domains for my websites, and clients sites. It’s a simple process connecting your domain to your web host. You will need to go to have your name servers info, then go to your domain registrar and go through the steps. The you can begin installing WordPress on your HostGator account and making a website!

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How to Connect a Domain to your Website
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How to Connect a Domain to your Website
Connecting Your Domain to Your Web Host

After connecting your domain to your host, installing WordPress is a snap. It’s a good idea to keep a text file of all your important info such as Cpanel login info, WP-admin login, etc…that makes things much simpler and more efficient than having to search all around for your passwords and such. So, whether you buy a domain name at Name Cheap or GoDaddy, and get hosting at Host Gator or not, having your important website info easily…


GoDaddy Domain Coupon // Save Money On Your Domain Order!!

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GoDaddy Coupon Codes

If you are looking to grab a GoDaddy Domain Coupon, then check this out. This site hooks you up with an active discount to save money on your order. So simple, you guys are going to absolutely love it. So go check it out and save some money today!