JIRA in a Nutshell demo video

An overview of JIRA: issue and project tracking for software teams. https://www.atlassian.com/software/jira

Watch the latest JIRA Software demo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGdVEbHTI1A&list=PLaD4FvsFdarR9RNlvUfee_iJ6WKRsRJn4


183: Angular 2 _ Deploying an Angular 2 Application _ Deploying to AWS S3


Make a small software to shutdown your computer in java (netbeans)

This video guide you how to make software to shutdown your computer in netbeans(java). This video also guide how to make jar file in netbeans(java).

Membuat software kecil untuk shutdown komputer Anda di java.

מאַכן אַ קליין ווייכווארג צו שאַטדאַון אייער קאָמפּיוטער אין ז’אבא.
makhn a kleyn veykhvarg tsu shatdaun eyer kompiuter in z’aba

Maak ‘n klein sagteware afsluit jou rekenaar in Java.

Faites un petit logiciel pour arrêter votre ordinateur en Java.

جعل برنامج صغير لاغلاق جهاز الكمبيوتر الخاص بك في جافا.
jaeal barnamaj saghir liaighlaq jihaz alkambiutr alkhass bik fi jafa.

Zhìzuò yīgè xiǎo ruǎnjiàn guānbì nín de jìsuànjī zài java.

Maak een kleine software om af te sluiten op uw computer in java.

जावा में आपके कंप्यूटर को बंद करने के लिए एक छोटे से सॉफ्टवेयर बनाओ।
jaava mein aapake kampyootar ko band karane ke lie ek chhote se sophtaveyar banao.

Haga un pequeño software para apagar su computadora en java.

Machen Sie eine kleine Software zum Herunterfahren Ihres Computers in Java.

Padaryti mažą programinės įrangos išjungimas kompiuterį Java.


The Nail In The Coffin – RIP GLOBE EARTH – Proof Positive!

If you have been waiting for the one video that finally had some proof of the flat earth… look no further. Without a doubt, the Globe cannot stand up to the scrutiny of scientific testing. I show clearly how the stars above reveal the answer below. Grab your popcorn and your tissues and gather round the couch as it is time we say goodbye… to the Globe.

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Windows – Howto Hide Files inside JPGs -tweak hack xp vista

to request tutorials

Learn to hide any file(s) inside a regular jpg image. Simple quick trick.

Free Compression software I used

This works by copying the compressed file in binary mode onto the end of the jpeg images. When the picture is opened, the jpg header says the length of the data and ignores everything below (the hidden zip file). When the compression software like 7-zip opens the picture it looks for compatible compression headers and starts reading the file where-ever those begin.



PHP Programming Part 9: If Else Statements in PHP Programming


Coding for GOOD: API Integration with SoundCloud

Admit it—you love the Internet, whether it’s streaming funny cat videos or updating your blog. But what do you know about the coding and programming that exist behind the architecture of all of your favorite sites? GOOD and Apollo Group present Coding for GOOD, an opportunity to become an awesome coder and work with us here at GOOD.

Many thanks to Paul and SoundCloud (www.soundcloud.com). Want to watch other videos and take the lessons to become an amazing coder?

Go to: http://good.is/codingforgood


PHP Programming Part 10 – Loops in PHP Programming


Learn online PHP MySQL Tutorials in Checking Existing Email in Database

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FL Studio
Steinberg Nuendo
Steinberg Cubase
FCP (final cut pro)
Edius in HINDI.
Steinberg Cubase
Adobe After Effect
Abletone in
Piao Learning
Guitar Learning
Harmonium Leaning
1. Complete Computer Basic Course in HINDI.
2. Complete Microsoft excel in HINDI.
3. Complete Microsoft Wordpad in HINDI.
4. Adwance HTML in HINDI.
5. Adwance SEO in HINDI.
6. Complete AJAX in HINDI.
7. Complete ASP.NET in HINDI.
8. Complete AUTO CAD 2D and 3D in HINDI
9. Bootstrap Frame in HINDI.
10. Complete Website Design in HINDI.
11. Complete CMS in HINDI.
12. Complete Corel Draw Cuurse in HINDI.
13. Complete CSS in HINDI.
14. Complete CSS new UT in HINDI
15. Complete CSS style in HINDI.
16. COmplete Dreamwever web designer in HINDI.
17. Complete Ecommerse Website designing Coures in HINDI.
18. Google Analytic Tool in HINDI.
19. Google Web Master Tool in HINDI.
20. Complete Course of HTML in HINDI.
21. Complete Course of jQUERY in HINDI.
22. Complete Course of Advance jQUERY in HINDI.
23. Complete Course of PHP in HINDI.
24. SEO Whole WOrld Wide in HINDI.
28. Social Website making project in HINDI.
29. Student Or any type Web Form Making in HINDI.
30. Website Uploading To Server in HINDI.
31. Making Complete Website in WordPress in HINDI.
32. Complete Photoshop in HINDI.


PHP Programming Part 8: Basic Math and Numbers in PHP Programming


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