How to create a full width image gallery using DIVI 2.4

Video tutorial detailing how to make a full width gallery with no spacing in Elegant Theme’s Divi 2.4 theme, similar to the example on


Crear y configurar Tema Hijo -Child Theme- y cambiar texto del pie de página en la plantilla EXTRA

Crear y configurar un Tema Hijo -Child Theme- y cambiar texto del pie de página en la plantilla EXTRA de Elegant Themes. En español 2016

Si te interesa adquirir el tema Extra junto con 80 temas premium más, incluido Divi, sigue este enlace. Es de afiliación, te lleva a la página oficial y yo me llevo una pequeña comisión sin que te afecte a ti en el precio. Tu me ayudas y yo te enseño a manajar la plantilla con mis vídeos. Hazlo sólo si te apetece 😉
Web oficial de Elegant Themes

Puedes ampliar más datos de personalización de la cabecera de este tema en mi blog

Crear un tema hijo para cambiar los créditos del pie de página de la plantilla Extra

TUTORIAL parte 2

00:51 :Cómo crear y configurar un tema hijo.
04:10 : Modificar pie de página en Tema Extra

Configurar un “Child Theme” o Tema Hijo dependiente de la plantilla principal, se ha vuelto imprescindible para todo aquel que quiera realizar algún cambio que afecte a una parte de la programación, ya sea en las hojas de estilo CSS o en el código PHP, entre otros.

Gracias a pligins como “Child theme Configurator”, podemos librarnos de crearlo manualmente, que, aunque es una tarea fácil, a mucha gente les parece complicado. ¡Gracias, plugins todo poderosos!

Lo mejor de este plugin es que podemos eliminarlo de nuestra web una vez utilizado, y así mantener el código de nuestra web lo más limpio posible.

Los pasos para crear el Tema Hijo o Child Theme son los siguientes:
1.- Instalar y activar el plugin
2.- Ir a Herramientas y ejecutar el plugin
3.- Elegir el tema sobre el que crear el Tema Hijo y analizarlo
4.- Dejar todas las opciones por defecto y crear el Tema Hijo
5.- Salir y eliminar el plugin de la lista

Gracias a tener un Tema Hijo o Child Theme, podemos realizar algunos cambios que sin el no podríamos hacer, como modificar el texto del pie de página que trae la plantilla.

Para esto necesitamos duplicar el archivo footer.php en la carpeta que ha creado el…


Divi Theme WordPress Management Services WordPress Management Services

This video shows you how to design a website with the Divi Theme. Shepherds Loft hosts and manages WordPress websites. A lot of WordPress Management services do not include WordPress hosting. WordPress Management Services like Shepherds Loft include all the day-to-day management of your WordPress.

The process of designing your WordPress website should always begin with the client’s input. Collaborating together to sketch out the layout of their home page. Using a system of rows divided by a number of columns, sort out the priorities of the website, putting the highest priority information on the top or highest row.

After the home page wireframe is compete, then the process of designing the home page is very simple. Using the Elegant Themes, Divi Theme, framework, I carefully selected modules to display the desired content. Then, using a drag and drop method I could duplicate, move and edit the modules to quickly complete the layout.

The secret behind WordPress Management Services like Shepherds Loft is the operations and pre-planning. We have carefully selected the Elegant Themes framework to use for all our web design work. Likewise, we use the Elegant Themes plugins because they will most likely be the most compatible but they are also awesome and look great, keeping our layout and design consistent. Shepherds Loft is a management service provider.

Shepherds Loft manages all the websites it hosts, keeping the themes, plugins, database, and PHP completely up to date. In addition, all websites are not only standardized on one technology stack but they are cleaned on nearly a daily basis.

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Replace Glyphicons with New Icons in Mobirise

In this video, you’ll learn how to use 3 different icon sets in Mobirise. This requires either the code editor extension or the use of an external text editor. I like to use Atom ( but you can use any editor that will edit the code for you.

Links from the video:

Bootstrap Cards code snippet:

Font Awesome Icons:

Socicons Icons:

Elegant Themes (ET) Line Icons:

How To Use And Embed An Icon Font On Your Website

Google Material Design Icons (do not work natively with Mobirise):

Here’s a little about why this video is necessary:

Bootstrap 4 no longer supports Glyphicons, so some of the code that I wrote before will not work as they did before. Specifically, the Bootstrap Cards snippet. Everything works in the code but the icons do not show up because they are Glyphicons, which were supported by Bootstrap 3 but are not supported in the new version of Bootstrap.


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Troubleshooting Divi Layout Imports | How to Manually Edit php.ini with GoDaddy Hosting

If you’re trying to import Divi Layouts to your Divi Library, and you’re stuck at 1%, you will need to increase your upload memory limits in WordPress. This is done by modifying php.ini or php5.ini on your hosting. This video shows you a number of different ways to fix the problem. The easiest way to increase your memory limits is to use a WordPress plugin, but if that doesn’t work for whatever reason, you will need to edit php.ini or php5.ini on your hosting.

In this video, The DIY Website shows you how to do both. Aimed at beginners, you don’t need a lot of technical skill to follow the instructions in this video. Just create a split screen and follow along.