Divi 2.0 Create a Stunning WordPress Theme using Divi 4of4

For more info: http://www.designwebidentity.com/diviinfo
To download the Divi Theme: http://www.designwebidentity.com/divitheme

How to make a Stunning WordPress Theme using Divi 2.0

Video 1 – Basic Customizations: http://youtu.be/erTqQX-QxR0
Video 2 – Creating an Email Feature Box: http://youtu.be/NRT3cONt9mo
Video 3: Exploring the Divi 2.0 modules pt1:http://youtu.be/mFUC9pobEz0
Video 4: Exploring the Divi 2.0 modules pt2:http://youtu.be/5vzSU8e6R1g

The Divi Theme is a highly cusotmizable theme for WordPress which has some stunning features”

– Divi Page Builder
– Slide in Animations
– Parallax Scrolling
– Email Subscription forms
– various modules you can insert anywhere on the page.

The Divi theme is extremely easy to use and can customize a WordPress website to look stunning with terrific animations and effects that require no coding and little time to implement.

The loading speed of the Divi 2.0 theme is quite fast even qhen packed with large images and heavy use of the visual effects included with the package.

Easy to use, fast loading and visually stunning!

Elegent Themes have made this WordPress them it’s flagship product. When you order the Divi Theme you also get every other theme in the Elegant Themes package – a total of 87 Themes!

Order Divi 2.0 through the developer pack and you’ll also get access to their numerous plugins. It’s an extremely valuable theme that comes loaded up with every other theme ET has to offer – most of them brilliant, responsive (including Divi 2.0 – which is responsive) and very slick and visually impressive.

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