How to setup dot tk for blogger blogs: 2011 Oct

This video explains step by step how to get a address / domain name for your blogger (with DNS configuration) blog for FREE. Just follow the simple steps and it takes only 5 minutes.
These are the IP addresses I entered in the video.

Some people think that dot tk addresses are only a redirect service, but no, you can also use it as a domain name.

To learn about advantages and disadvantages of dot tk (review), goto this link.

For more information and the steps in photos, visit my tech blog.

To see how to get a dot tk domain name for your Tumblr blog, goto this link.


How To Setup Bigrock Custom Domain Name on Blogger

How To Setup Bigrock Custom Domain Name on Blogger
for more details
How to host bigrock domain name on Blogger
how to host bigrock domain on another server


Soledad theme – How to config homepage magazine layout?

Soledad Premium WordPress Theme Tutorial – How to config magazine layout?
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Online documentation for Soledad theme:


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How to get a Free Doamin Plus a a Premium Hosting!

Hi Everyone!
Please help me with a small amount.

So today am going to teach you how to make your own website(with a Subdomain)
You can then install WordPress in it…You can wait for me to make a Video about that 🙂

Ok Now lets get to our main Thing!

So the First thing to do is to go to this website!
Link is in Here!
Ok once you go there, You will need to register an account!
So I am Already registered so no need for me to register!

Ok,SO now after you rigistered, Please Order a free Hosting with 2 GB space Free!
Which is Awesome and alot of other things!
Lets Start!
Lol! My internet is so Bad! Lets just wait 🙂

Do you see this!
You need to order it!
If you have a domain name,Please change your dns to their dns so that you can enjoy there services!

Now, because my website is already rigistered with i cant do another one but lets try with a subdoain!

Now choose a name plus a Password!

Now am going to try another sub domain

ok now do am not a robot and complete

Ok with that we are done!
as you can see i already made one…
So Now you have your website..
check there website edit…Its great..
If you have any problems please comment 🙂
Please wait… I am going to make a domain Give away…
My next Tutorial will be about how to install wordpress and blogger
After That how to hack facebook!
Stay Tuned
Thanks For Watching!

You can contact me:


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Hosting my meetup at Topshop Chicago, trying Pizza Pie for the first time and the BEST BURGER EVER? – EXPAND this little box for more info, links etc xo

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How To Choose A Web Hosting Provider

For Free Webdesign & Webmaster Ebooks Please Visit or


Menu despleagable HTML + CSS (Pack Free)


Menú Desplegable HTML + CSS
Pack para descargar Free CON Códigos para personalizarlo

Super Pack incluye:
+ Menú Desplegable HTML (Estandar)
+ Menú Desplegable HTML (Con submenú de menú)
+ Códigos CSS – Editable
+ Blogger Tutorial (Español – English)

* 1 Link – Mediafire – 5.36KB*

Link de descarga:
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– HTML – Menú desplegable – Menu dropdown
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Cara Membuat Phising COC

Cara Membuat Phising COC Premium
– siapkan hosting dan domain
– download script phisingnya di
– login ke hosting/cPanel kamu
– klik file manager
– klik public_html
– klik upload
– upload script yang tadi didownload
– setelah selesai upload lalu kita extract
– ubah terlebih dahulu email nya di coba.php dengan email kamu
– setelah dirubah emailnya silahkan buka domain anda dan jajal login terus cek email kamu kalo ada pesan berarti phising sukses di pasang (y) kalo ga ada silahkan cek di SPAM
terima kasih telah menonton video tutorial pembuatan phising COC Premium
{OwnHost Inc} /

jika ga punya hosting dan domain silahkan kirim pesan melalui wa di nomor ini 082114820390 akan di buatkan secara gratis tapi kalo mau kasih donasi seiklasnya silahkan kirim ke nomor ini 082114820390 TSEL


How make labels in blogger (Hindi-Urdu)

Shan Ali Karimi,
How to make labels in blogger in urdu/hindi
1) How to create blogger account and what is a blog?
2) How to Create Blog in Blogger
3) How to Create a post in blogger
4) How to create label in blogger
5) How to Schedule blogger post
6) What is permalink
7) How to Find Best template for your blog
8) How to upload theme/ template in blogger
9) How to edit or customize Blogger theme/template
1. Know about blogger template or theme
2. How to create or add menu bar
3. How t add custom script in blogger template
4. How to add creative design in blogger
5. How to add favicon in blogger (Site logo)
6. How to add contact form
7. How to add about us page in blogger

10) Do SEO in Blogger
1. Find what is best keyword or niche for your blogger
2. How to create robot text file in blogger
3. How to add description in blogger
4. How to add meta tag in blogger
5. How to create custom permalink in blogger
6. How to add description in every post in blogger
7. How to edit custom robots header tags
8. How to create fan page for blogger
9. How to create twitter account for blogger
10. How to Add social Bookmarking sites to your blog
11) How to buy new domain for blogger
12) How to point or attach domain with blogger
13) How to get traffic to your blog or website
1. We learn some tricks and genuine method for traffic
2. Where from buy traffic
14) How to add new width in blogger
15) How to create or add ads on blogger
1. Which publisher company is best for your blog
2. How to create ad unit in advertiser/ Publisher company
3. Where place ads in website or blog
4. How to maximize revenue in blog or website
16) Some Advance SEO in blogger post
17) How to create advance post in Blogger
18) How to get Index post very fast in Google within 1 minute


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