[Setup Free VPN] How To Use Free VPN In Android Phone And UnBlock Website Without Registration

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VPN is vertual private network and after useing VPN you can access on any blocked website and no one can’t track you.it will change your IP address and location.

if you want to use VPN on android then you need to setup your VPN configuration and basically its very expensive service .


here in this video we will show you how you can use Free VPN service on android phone without registration ,without configuration and you no need to pay money.after using vpn on android you can visit on any site which is blocked by administator or any government .

Its truly safe because it will change you IP address and location so oneone cant track or trace you.

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VPN SERVICE APP – Betternet VPN [free on play store]
Website : www.99mediasector.com
youtube channel – New Information Era


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