Repurpose Old Netbooks & Laptops With USB Linux OS

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Use the old hard-drive for external storage nad ru the Linux OS with USB. A lot of computer end up in the waste for no reason, just a bit of insight can prolong the life of any machine and release tension on the electronic garbage in the world. And maybe even reduce unnecessary consumption.

Sanjin – God Wins (and you lose) –



  • Hello, I just my first high end computer (8gb ram 1tb of storage and up to 2.3mbs per s Windows10) and I'm really exited to have a good laptop to learn computer science and logistics. What would be a good Linux distro for a new Linux user, should I stay go w Ubunto, what do you think is good about using the Linux operating system?

  • If you have an older Chromebook (Intel) install GalliumOS. Its based on Lubuntu with a Xfce desktop. Very snappy. ChromeOS is still installed on my machine, but it was very flaky and limiting. I like my Firefox, VLC and Links2.

  • Your running Linux from an USB stick, right?
    I habe a Netbook with 1GB Ram lying around and installing Windows 10 on it was not my best idea.
    The only purpose it has is to install Roms on my Galaxy S7. Maybe this will make it a bit more useful again.

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