Register Domain Check If It Is Block List Before Registering

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If you want to setup an email server, make sure your domain is good:

Task 1- Please export all your emails from Aweber/GR/Other Autoresponders

Task 2 Please upload the lists to for a FREE score report of the quality of your list. (if your list is below 85 please pay for a list clean service)

Task 3 – Please export all your openers from the past 14days and put into 1 list named Openers.csv (highly important to super warm your server IP’s more openers u have from past 14days the quicker it will be to white list your server)

Task-4 – Please register a domain name DOTCOM/.org domain from your registrar. Before purchasing please check wether your domain has any bad history or blacklists you can do that by entering your domain name here

if noblacklists please check

for a 2nd check. if clean the go ahead and purchase

For new domains you need to do the following checks to
Check if it has any history by checkin the Archive

Also check this article on choosing domains

How To Check History Of A Domain Name

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A Comprehensive Guide to Spam Checking Expired Domains

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OR you can use your old domain aslong as u have not mailed from this domain before. To ensure its safe please enter your domain into the following services


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