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Welcome to the BMSworld.nz BMS Database!

On this channel you will find classic Beatmania series from Beatmania 1st mix all the way through to IIDX. Other custom BMS series are published also such as BMS of Fighters, PABAT, NameLess Heaven and much much more!

Come and join the constantly in development website www.BMSworld.nz and download a veritable cornucopia of classic BMS, classic BMS packs, Lunastic Rave theme’s and other BMS related downloads!

Website: | www.bmsworld.nz
Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/groups/BMSworld.NZ/
Twitter | https://twitter.com/BeatmaniaNZ

BMSworld.nz is a free website dedicated to art of BMS. It is a developing website with over 400 registered users and 200GB of BMS available currently.
Jump on in!

** Recorded with Fraps3, 1280*720, 60FPS
** Encoded with Sony Movie Studio platinum 13 using h.264/AVC
** Some recordings recorded in 120FPS and downsampled to 60FPS to get extra smoothness (Especially for songs with a high BPM rate)


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