Programming in PHP with PHPEclipse in Eclipse, tutorial

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In this video, we will look at how to create and work with a PHP project in Eclipse using the PHPEclipse plugin.

This is a very detailed tutorial on creating a new project from scratch which is not specific to PHPEclipse only. You can therefore use this tutorial to learn about how Eclipse actually works if you’ve not worked with it yet.

On top of those basics, we’ll show how PHPEclipse helps us marking PHP errors and parts of code that are likely to create problems.

PHPEclipse also includes some HTML autocompletion, which however is quite outdated now, as it was most probably last updated before HTML5. For this, I recommend using Aptana Editor (or plugin) instead.

For this tutorial, we’ll build a very simple Age Calculator project and show what PHPEclipse is capable of helping us with – and trust me, it’s able to help us with LOTS of common stuff.

Finishing up, we’ll go through the code outline view and code folding before the tutorial video is over.

Much of what’s presented in this video still holds true today, however many of the PHP and HTML features are now obsolete and wouldn’t work correctly with newest PHP versions.

For instance there is no namespacing recognition in PHPEclipse, so Zend Framework 2 projects would inherently generate an error per PHP file.

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