Nokia N95-8GB Loose Slider Fix

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Update 26.05.2010! READ THIS FFS! ^^

Check out this link for bending the metal clamp instead of fiddling with the plastic rail and some tape.
I have recently tested this and it works better, it will keep the phone tight for the rest of it’s natural life. There is only one catch, the metal bar is fairly brittle, so be very careful when you bend it, and remember you don’t need to bend it much, fraction of a mm will do. Do several test fits while you carefully bend.
Kudos and thanks to the user who gave me the link: youcancallmeelove
Give him a pat on the back and a thanks if you visit his channel.

Update 16.02.08 (Read this)
Tape used in video is a bit to thick.
Be very accurate and careful with the tape piece or else it wont stick to the plastic rail properly.

How to fix loose slider on a Nokia N95-8GB, it’s a bit different/harder than fixing a regular N95.

This is probably the fifth time I do this and this mod seem to be very good. Same smooth slide without the annoying click on the left side of the screen.

Cons and pros.

+Removes the loose slider on right side.
+Easy to do.
+Does not require any special tools.

-May fracture the guarantee.
-It’s possible to break something if not careful enough.
-It does not remove the very little looseness on the y axis.

Enjoy =)



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