Multi-Master, Multi-Site MySQL Databases Made Easy with Continuent Tungsten

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Cross-site databases are the next challenge facing today’s MySQL-based businesses. Continuent Tungsten provides multiple options for spreading data across sites, including primary/DR, multi-master, and system-of-record approaches. Learn how Continuent Tungsten enables replication, failover, and routing of transactions between sites.

We cover the following topics:
– Introduction to cross-site models: primary/DR, full multi-master, and system-of-record.
– Which model is best for your applications?
– How do you set up multiple site data management with Continuent Tungsten?
– How does failover work in each model?
– When can you use Continuent Tungsten to route transactions between sites?

Continuent is leading the charge to make multi-site operations work for SQL databases. Learn how Continuent Tungsten together with MySQL can give you the advanced data management capabilities your business needs today!


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