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Medisoft Clinical EMR & Lytec MD EMR- For sales, support and training call AZCOMP at (877) 422-2032 or visit us at In this video learn how to fix the mrpath.fl file in Medisoft Clinical and Lytec MD. You might need to do this if you are having errors telling you that the drug interaction database is expired when you know it is not. Or you might need to fix this when the program is telling you that a scanned image file can’t be found or opened. There are other reasons, but those are the two most common.

Video Transcript
Today where going over some errors you might get in clinical or MD, this errors include when you first log in, saying that the drug interaction database is expired, when you know that on other computer within the network is not the same and you know that it is up to date, the error you may get is when you’re in the system you open up a scanned image and it says the image cannot be found or that file cannot be open this is a very simple fix we just need to re-path the program to the correct data base. To do this we go ahead and hit the start menu go to my computer, from my computer we want to open up the C drive we want to go to program files x86 words usually found we want to go to MCkesson folder from there we go to practice partner and then we’re looking for the mrpath.fl file so again we can appear at the top that’s C program file x86 MCkesson Practice partner and within that folder we’re looking for mrpath.fl we double click on that, go ahead and just open up on notepad, this one says p p part that is the correct path what when sometimes happen if the program is installed under the UMC address or the server name it may say you’re server name, server doctor’s office server whatever it is the server is named rather than P so order to change that you just want to type in P:\ppart save that and it will work properly that will do that for you.

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