Lurking At Point B – 24/12/16 14:52, organized harassment

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This is Point B- 24/12/16

I am not making wild claims, just documenting what’s happening around a father & child both targeted & stalked by cowards on a daily basis. More lurking around as usual, hiding behind trees as per usual. This same activity took place at point B and every spot in between.

Innocent, just curious, or with malice…you go out of your way to skulk about in bushes around us, taking pictures, poisoning pets, harassing kids…you’re being uploaded….that’s only one element.

Push people to where they no longer tread with caution, filth like you need to contemplate that. All this distraction from the catalyst ain’t working.

I will not be violent or otherwise… There are more ways to skin a “goat”

Inny meany miny mo!
Looky looky where’d he go?!

Spreading far & wide! Its open season.
From here on in, innocent, just curious or with negative intent, you will be uploaded.

The scum elderly abusers, child abusers, drug dealers, corrupt “pillars” of society, fake Christians & possible fraternal Pedo rings, have raised the bar by poisoning my sons dog to death, days before christmas…the same child with learning difficulties, who has been forced out of 5 homes & 3 schools since 2010, (all documented) who has been physically & mentally abused in that same time, on an almost daily basis until he exposed his own abuse by recording it as it happened…all happening under a massive wall of silence from the scum of the earth & those employed to protect the vulnerable…. I to, will raise my methods in a lawful manner.

I’ve said all along, I don’t care who you are, or what army you have…I only need a few cards from the fragile house, whose foundations are rotting & IMO I have them…

Any more deaths, poisonings, threats, violence, abuse, harassment, sabotage or otherwise that happens in this illegally run campaign of organized harassment, gangstalking, corrupt policing or religious based persecution that continues… ANY CONCERNED ACTIVISTS FROM…


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