LET’S TALK ABOUT WEBHOSTING – Launch your blog series #1

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Ever wondered how to launch and run a blog successfully? Wonder no more, by following this video and the rest of the series, you will learn how to launch a blog successfully. This covers all steps and necessary information so you make the right decisions and start your blog in the right direction.

Video notes:
In this video we talk about web hosts. Web hosting is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when starting a blog. If you go with the cheapest option, you will probably go wrong. If you go with the first host that shows you an advertisement, you’ll probably go wrong. I cover some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a web host for your blog.

I also mentioned that I would put a link to my recommended web hosts, so here is that list, in order of preference:

** Preferred top web hosts (inexpensive)
These are my preferred go-to hosts for myself and my clients when they are starting out and or are budget conscious. Perfect for personal blogs and business starter blogs. These also will upgrade nicely as you grow.

Inmotion Hosting – http://oglink.it/videosinmotion
Siteground Hosting – http://oglink.it/sitegroundwordpress

I’m trying these guys out as well. They offer all the standard stuff plus they are environmentally friendly:
Greengeeks – http://oglink.it/greengeeksvideos

** Premium WordPress-centric hosts (premium cost)
This is the top WordPress-centric web host. It is superfast, and very efficient. There are a couple of downsides. Primarily the price and the restrictive nature of a “wordpress only” host, but if you can afford 29/month and you don’t need a lot of custom software outside of WordPress then you can go with these guys.
WP Engine – http://oglink.it/wpenginevideos

** Other good web hosts
These are web hosts that I am comfortable recommending because I have used them personally in the past, or currently manage websites on them and they generally run well.

Dreamhost – http://oglink.it/dreamhostvideos
Bluehost -…



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