Learn HTML CSS and Javascript By Building Instagram #7 – Finishing Card Footer

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We Finish the styling and css of the code building an instagram clone. This is for practice so you guys can learn how to build sites.

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  • Hey bro, are you gonna be posting the code for this on GitHub? I think it'd be cool to use the UI that you already put together to make an Instagram feed reader using the Instagram API just for the fun of it.

  • Hey, do you think I should learn sass or scss besides css? knowing that I'm a beginner. and which on is more used in the industry today?

  • Hey, can I run a localhost using Atom in a windows computer? Because I see u using a VirtualBox to do that

  • I am passionate about learning web development. I'm currently doing the udemy boot camp. It is pretty cool. I also want to practice by making a Beekeeping blog type website. How complicated to you think I should go? Do you think it would be a step too far to make a database to store stuff at this early stage? Enjoying your content. Cheers

  • Hi men, excelents videos! And the backend are going to be in django?

  • Man I love it.Just a piece of advice.I think you should talk a bit louder when you explain.Oh and make more tutorials psd to html/css/js.People gonna love it man
    Keep up with the good stuff man

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