Learn HTML CSS and Javascript By Building Instagram #4 – Code The Header

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I break down how to build the header with html and css3 for instagram.

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  • I hope you're not using an EMMET because of beginners part of your audience.

  • Awesome! Hello from Brazil! Keep going!

  • Enjoying the series man, keep it up!

  • Great video, man! I have a question. I am 16 years old (not from US). I learn web every day for like 3-8 hours. Currently I am learning React + Redux (from udemy course) and advanced javascript (es6, functional programming ect). What should I know to get a job as a web developer this year. I want it veeery bad and working hard every single day… I just realized that college is not a right choice for me. I have persistence and discipline to learn things on my own, so I need your advice. Is it possible to get a remote job as a junior developer? because there are not so many web dev jobs in my region. What knowledge should I have to get a job as a React developer?

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