How To use Dropbox to Share Files and Edit Documents Online?

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Learn How to use Dropbox to share files and edit documents online. Sharing of files and folders is easy on Dropbox. It also allows to edit or collaborate documents online, If you work in teams, then this video on how to use dropbox to share files and edit documents online is for you…

If your documents are kept in Dropbox, you can access it from any computer, tab or phone easily, so no need to worry if your computer gets damaged, your data is safe with Dropbox.

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Following are the key features of Dropbox as a file sharing and editing tool

1. Every drop box comes with 2 GB of free storage…..

2. You can upgrade your self with Pro or business for extra storage but that comes with a monthly fee.

3. You can import your contacts from face book or Gmail or yahoo mail to your drop box.. File can go as a message on face book, User can access this file without signup to dropbox .

4. By keeping the cursor on folder and clicking right with mouse, you can see various options, by clicking on shared folder options you can edit the ownership of the file by clicking on the wheel shape link. You can also invite others to view the folder.

5. Extra space of 100 GB comes at cost of $9.99 per month in Dropbox –pro.

6. You can also share a link with someone through which non dropbox users can download the file.

7. Invite your friends to join dropbox and earn 500 MB of free space, this way you can get upto 16 GB of space, this way you can get extra space.

8. While this is not a feature but they keep on running promotions through which extra storage is offered , like I downloaded dropbox o n my Samsung tab and got 48 GB of space for next 12 months.

9. Dropbox uses SSL — Secure socket layer and AES 256 encryption. AES 256 is the same encryption standard which is used by banks to secure customer data.

10. Dropbox backs up any changes to files for thirty days….



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