How to make Synology NAS accessible via the Internet

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This video will show you how to make Synology NAS accessible via the Internet.
It will cover things like port forward, DDNS and internet connection. All this is made really easy by synology with their EZ-internet applikation.



  • this sucks.  you had all the hard stuff already done.  next time don't do this when you have a cold

  • excellent video

    thank you sir

    but my shitty  synology wrote error message system didnot do requested cause unknown error happened… wtf

    I must activate email before clicking finish…. but website is not fuck***ng available… I checked it from my mobile in case the website wouldnot be visible from pcs behind router from my home … but nothing

    well shit after 15 minutes of crazy attempts I found this

    however I cant contact support since they are unavailable and control panel said in red letters that DDNS server is unavailable and please contact support

    go fuck*** with such service I could be waiting till my death you motherfuck***bastards**** you ruined my evening… and that cocksuc**ing synology with 4 HDs cost an arm and a leg

    i have been waiting the whole evening and still unavailable well shit

  • And if I don't have a static IP?
    'Cause my ISP gave me a dynamic ip which changes every 12 ~ 24 hours.

  • Thx for the video, but next time please switch the UI to english before recording the video 😉

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