How to Install PHP 7.0.0 on Windows

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NOTE: This video on how to install php 7.0.0 on Windows, I assumed you have Installed the latest version of Apache 2.4.16 VC14, if you haven’t watch this video first:…

——————-ATTENTION—————-!!!! Here is how to make CURL extension work:

Guys, here is the solution to load the CURL extension:

1) Copy the files ssleay32.dll and libeay32.dll from your php root directory to your WindowsSystem32 directory

2) Add PHP to your system environment variables: Go to windows search and type: Edit the system environment variables, when the window opens click on the “Environment Variables…” button, at the bottom section where it says “System variables”, search for Path, click on it and click Edit… button. Add php directory (where your php is installed to the variable value field, make sure to separate it with a semi colon)

3) Don’t forget to remove semi colon in front of extension_dir = “C:/php/ext” line in your php.ini file

4) Don’t forget to remove semi clolon in front of extension=php_curl.dll line in your php.ini file

5) Save the php.ini file

6) Restart the Apache

The CURL extension is now loaded!

How to install and configure the latest version of PHP 7.0.0 on Windows 7

Download Thread Safe (the only version that works with Apache) 32bit or 64bit (depending on which OS you have), VC14 PHP 7.0.0. By learning how to install php on Windows yourself, you will have full control over your environment and be able to download and install any latest PHP version as soon as it comes out, instead of waiting for packages like xamp and wamp to be updated by their authors.


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