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How to Register 100% Free Domain Name in 5 Minutes

Today, I have great news for those who want to Register Free Domain name. I recently got news from one of my friend that Hostinger is offering free domain registration of the .xyz domain to new customers.

When I visit it, it amazes me when the popup appears, with the news of free XYZ domain name. I register free domain name to check its validity. So, I create my account and input my free domain name and details about me. Wow! I got my free domain name of .XYZ extension and free web hosting too.

Learn How? It’s a limited offer do not waste your time.

About Hostinger Company:
Hostinger is an ICANN accredited domain registrar and web hosting company that is base on the freemium model. They believe in making the internet free by providing free basic web hosting plans and free registration of domain and sub-domains. They also offer premium services with advanced features.

Register Free .xyz Domain
Hostinger appeared on the internet as individual proprietorship Hostinger group in 2004, and now it becomes a worldwide leading company. It has over millions of customers and holding their websites on service.

But their free web hosting and subdomain registration service are attracting more users. Now the best news for newbies and users who want to register free domain name is that Hostinger is now providing Free Domain Registration of XYZ extension and no extra charges entirely free. You are also to get free web hosting or can use it on blogging platforms such as or

How to Register 100% Free Domain Name :
To register your first domain with .xyz extension, you must need to create an account in Hostinger. There are over 39+ hostinger websites are available for different languages and countries.

But you have the ability to change the language after creating an account in Hostinger. Click on the button to go to the to register free .xyz domain name.

Register Free .XYZ…


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