How to Fix Your Noisy Logitech Wireless Mouse M235

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This is a tutorial on how to fix your noisy Logitech mouse.
The mouse in the video is a Logitech M235 which is quite a nice, solid built mouse but had one annoying problem: the middle click was noisy as hell! At night, you could literally wake up the dead with the middle click noise!
First I thought the mouse had a problem and rushed to the electronic store to change it. But unfortunately they were all as noisy.
So I’ve decided to silence it… for good!
All you need is: a cutter, screwdriver and a piece of kneaded eraser.

Hope this helps you and if your mouse is not identical, at least you get an idea about how to fix it… kneaded eraser ftw!




  • So i have a Logitech M185, can I use the same strategy here with that same module?

  • i always use headphones so i never hear the clicks

  • My two fixable gripes with M325 are that it weights more than it needs to and that the scroll wheel gives feedback (tiny amount, but I don't like it anyhow). The former is fixed by removing the top cover and unscrewing a small weight they've added there. The latter is fixed by taking it apart and removing a small piece of bent wire that goes around and inside the scroll wheel. Both can be done in 5 minutes and make the great mouse greater still.

  • Have the same model mouse. The main thing i got from this video is where screw is situated)) Not very obvious)
    What is the eraser? Haven't seen it before…
    Actually i want to replace origianl buttons to ones from cheap noiseless mouse from AliExpress. It has really noiseless buttons, but the rest is awful

  • Thank you for showing me the hidden screw. My mouse button was over sensitive.

  • An improvement to a dependable mouse. This video somehow got me through my cleaning frustration. Thank you. I'm not particularly tech-savvy, but after years of seeing my dad and brother pull things apart and clean them, I can handle a mouse. Maybe I can help someone else.

    While I routinely clean my M325, meticulously, I was having trouble getting it to perform what I call a super-scroll. You have the small scroll that you can't really hear that gets you partway down a page, a bigger scroll that gets you a little further down and makes a low sound, something in-between, and the 'super-scroll' that is one big flick bringing you usually to the bottom of a window with a rewarding high-pitched whir. I tested it in a 22 page word doc and 2 supers got it to the bottom. So, that stopped working; I open it up and the axles holding the scroll in place have some hair wrapped around them, specifically fur. My silly, fluffy cat sits on my desk; what can you do?

    I can't reach it all with my pocket knife, and I can't figure out how to remove the wheel entirely (without breaking/ marring anything) like you might a vacuums' beater bar. It's possible removing it could never work. But I have just figured out how to be rid of the debris with a small flat-head screwdriver and tweezers, no joke. My screwdriver is 1/8, if that helps.

    You only need those two tools.

    Here is my method.

    Turn it off. You can keep the battery in. Obviously, lever off the front panel near the buttons, where the panel is loose. If you don't know how, slip the head of your screwdriver under one of the mouseclick pieces of panel at the top and pull up until you can fit a finger in the gap and lift both halves up and down and off. This exposes some of the inner mechanisms. You'll see half the scroll.

    Flip it over and jostle out any loose debris, rolling the wheel a bit. Pick off any hair that is not completely wrapped around your scroll-wheel with the tweezers. There may be something wound around it you cannot cut, like mine had; take the head of the driver, get it underneath the axle via the space between the wheel and the plastic housing and pull up gently until it pops out and you see the whole little black peg. (This only pulls out the one side; trying to pull out the other would probably snap the other peg. Don't do that.) Then, you can carefully finesse the circle(s) of debris right off with the tweezers until it is completely clear. The pointy part of the tweezers can pull the string up enough that the bottom edge can pinch it. I took this opportunity to remove a bit of gunk from the side of the wheel with a damp cloth, rotating to get it all. Snap the axle peg back in. Repeat on the other side if necessary. It is very easy once you grasp what you're doing.

    Realign the front plate and snap it back on.

    Voila! The scroll works as it should and you didn't need to risk breaking anything or undo any screws. Super-scrolling for days. Smooth. Good as the day it was made. I'm really glad I decided to try a beauty tool; I got nothing from their support forums.

    I don't know what happens if you drop it getting it out, so pinch it hard until it's over your desk. I assume if you drop it in you would be able to flip it over once more and jostle it back out.

    I have an additional tip; I have used this mouse for 2 years and never bought any batteries for it. If you stockpile 'dead' AAs from remotes, wireless controllers, and flashlights, most of them will have enough juice to power this efficient little mouse, maybe even for months.

    This thing can run on red lights for ridiculously long, days or even weeks. No adverse performance. Use a battery until your computer doesn't receive it at all. I had an M305 before this, and when the batteries died, I plunked them in a drink mix can specifically for dead batteries (you are not supposed to throw them away and they may be recyclable, so I cut an X in the supple lid and painted it black), and I got to thinking; my M305 had good life, but my new mouse has better. And I was right; I went through my dud collection and freaking 22 of them lit up my M325. I am still using 12 of these weeks later; all green, even. Keep in mind none of them could even turn on the M305s' warning light anymore. I'm using #11 to write this post. I owe this environmentally friendly practice entirely to my older brother, who had a similar storage can when we were kids.

    I cannot recommend any other mouse for everyday use more. I love this thing. Logitech is an excellent mouse company, and they keep getting better. Tiny usb. Comfortable, colorful (I'm a girl and I got the white one with purple detailing), lightweight, and cheap. Just the right amount of buttons. I got mine for 15 dollars in a Best Buy sale when the m305's left click finally broke, and I haven't spent a dollar more on operation.

  • great, mi-am sters comentariul initial si s-a sters si toata discutia, dovada ca nu prea comentez pe youtube 😛

  • Many thanks for your video !

  • Today I bought this mouse and I've just tested the middle button. The noise is comparable to the left and right mousebutton. So perhaps Logitech upgraded the mouse to a newer version.

  • do another video but make few click sounds BEFORE changing the mouse? thanks…

  • How long does it last? 😀

  • Спасибо! Благодаря этому видео я смогла аккуратно разобрать и почистить мышку)

  • Thanks for revealing the hidden screw

  • Just needed to know how to disassemble it. Thanks for your effort…

  • thank you much,cousin complain my mouse clicking sound from livingroom at the midnight,now problem solved,btw im just put a small piece paper below the L shape and now sound like muted up.

  • Thx man you saved me some 40$ on buying new mouse because of deffected scrool button. Keep it up! 😉

  • you're welcome my friend!

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