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**** MSVCP110.dll Download Link ****

** Updated Download Link on our own Website **

Have you not been able to play a game or use a Program because of the “The program can´t start because MSVCP110.dll is missing from your computer” Error message?

Then watch this Video and learn in less then 2 minutes how to solve that error and keep doing whatever you were trying to do.

**** Steps ****

** 32B-Bit Windows **
-Download 32-Bit File from:

-Paste the MSVCP110.dll File into the Folder: C:/Windows/System32

** 64-Bit Windows **
-Download 64-Bit & 32-Bit File from:

-Paste the MSVCP110.dll (64 Bit) into: C:/Windows/System32
-Paste the MSVCP110.dll (32 Bit) into: C:/Windows/SYSWOW64

** You´re done **

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***** Script *****

– Hello and Welcome to the Tutorial about fixing the Error: “The program can´t start because “MSVCP110.dll” is missing from your Computer”

– So I am using here a Windows 10 Machine but you can use this guide also for Windows 7 and 8
– So, the MSVCP110 is needed for…



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