How to Change and Install WordPress Themes (and Things You NEED to Know Before You Change Themes!)

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How to Change and Install WordPress Themes In this short video you’ll learn how to change and install a new WordPress theme, and also learn some things you need to know before you do change WordPress themes.

If you’ve ever used WordPress, then you most likely have switched themes at least once. If this is your first time, then you’ll get even more from this WordPress tutorial how to video.

WordPress makes it really effortless for you to change themes. It is just a couple of clicks and you’re done. But, just picking a new WordPress theme and clicking activate is not the best way to change themes if your current site has any content. You need to know not only how to change a WordPress theme, but what things need to be done BEFORE you change your theme in WordPress.

In this short video, I’ll not only show you how to change and install WordPress themes, but I’ll also go over a checklist of things that you should do before changing your WordPress theme.

These action steps are vital to ensure the procedure goes without a hitch, otherwise you can easily end up losing components of your site that you did not intend to lose.
Then I’ll walk you step by step through the process of changing your WordPress theme and show you how to install and activate a new WordPress theme. Then if you need to fine tune your new look site, I’ll give you a few pointers on how to edit your new WordPress theme. WordPress sites allow you to upload themes that you buy or find free WordPress themes online through the WordPress dashboard. There are many, many WordPress themes you can find online, or using a search for free WordPress themes on Google or one of the other search engines.

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