How to allow outgoing connections to a specific IP address – OzeVision Web Hosting Tutorial

Video ready, click here to close × – This web hosting tutorial shows you how to allow outgoing connections to a specific IP address using our advanced Hepsia web hosting control panel. This video tutorial is also available inside the OzeVision Web Hosting control panel under Help/Video Tutorials.

The Outgoing Connections Manager is a feature developed to maximize the security of your web sites and to prevent them from being abused by any third parties for hacking, spamming or scamming purposes. You can access it by going to Site Management/Outgoing Connections Manager on your web hosting control panel.

Think of the Outgoing Connections Manager as both a switch that protects your web sites from unwanted third party abuse and a clever tool for analyzing and organizing the outgoing traffic your web sites generate based upon IP Address systematization.

For example, if your web site gets hacked and the hackers need to redirect the site to a remote database or a remote API or script for their own purposes, their attempts will end up nowhere, as the Outgoing Connections Manager will disallow the particular connection if the IP address being accessed is not on the allowed Outgoing Connections list for that site/account.

The Outgoing Connections Manager can be disabled if you do not want to utilize its features. By default it is enabled, however, and it allows you to specify certain IP Addresses or IP ranges to which your site/s will be able to open outgoing connections. Your web site(s) could be allowed to open connections to both a specific IP Address or to a whole IP range.

To allow your website/s open an outgoing connection to a specific IP you need to add that IP and the IP”s mask to the list of allowed IPs. To do that – type the IP address in the IP/mask field of the form. You can also allow your web site/s to open an outgoing connection to an SMTP server at port 25. For this purpose, you need to tick off the Allow port 25 SMTP checkbox. If you are not quite…


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  • is that the answer to my pbroblem?? { I want to host my website w/o paying to awebservice.Question is  How to host my own website that will be visible to every body who got Internet conn. just by typing to their browser " the is my ip address that the "whatismyipaddress" gave me and the /project is a folder containing my index.html project. Please help, Thanks }

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