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Protect your privacy and anonymity
Hide ALL IP allow you surf anonymously at any website, use Instant Messenger and Chat services, Web-based e-mail, Newsgroups, Web Blogs and Forums and your true identity and location are never revealed. Hide ALL IP also support almost any applications, include P2P TCP/UDP video player, TCP/UDP Games (Such as WOW, BF3, DNF, TANK OF WORLD etc), can reduce game lag and hide game IP for play blocked country games. We encrypt all your traffic so that your ISP and network administrators can’t be known you are accessing. Also, we auto support http tunnel, if you in a network only allow pure http get/post, Hide ALL IP still works.
How it Works
Changing your IP address and the location is not easy making a change in your network settings. To truly hide your identity, location and activity we have to re-route all your internet traffic through at least one secure server.

For example, if you are located in the United Kingdom but want to appear to be in the United States you must send all your traffic through a remote server located somewhere in the US. Below is a diagram showing how the process works.

1) Hide ALL IP connect to our secure servers, use TCP tunnel or HTTP tunnel (automatically determine)

2) Hide ALL IP catch network transfer data depend on your setting (such as only catch IE data etc). When Hide ALL IP get data, it secure transfer data and redirect via remote server access Internet.

3) The Internet will get a fake IP address, not your real IP address.

4) Hide ALL IP enable safely browse mode and not left any browser cookie/history on your PC.

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