Friday The 13th Beta – SANTA JASON! (KILL! KILL! KILL!)

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Some quick notes – This is obviously a beta build of Friday the 13th The game so we expect stuff to change, especially some of the audio glitches we ran into. We’re also experimenting with the best way to record audio, in this video we tried using just in-game voice and in the next we will be testing using Discord audio instead. Let us know what you prefer in the comments! ­čśÇ

The four victory conditions in Friday the 13th The Game are call the cops and escape when they arrive, fix a car and drive away from one of the two exits, survive for 20 minutes, or kill Jason. We’re hoping to show how to kill Jason soon! ­čÖé

Jason can use four abilities currently, and several kill animations. His first ability lets him teleport anywhere on the map after a cooldown, the second gives him vision of anyone making noise or running / swimming about (if they’re in a building the building lights up instead), the 3rd lets him shadow walk short distances to surprise enemies, and the 4th (Rage) turns him into a virtual bulldozer and allows him to break down doors in an instant.


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