FBSD basic configuration bind,apache,mysql,php,joomla part 2

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cd /usr/ports/www/apache22
make config; make install clean

ee /usr/local/etc/apache22/httpd.conf
ServerName www.domain.com:80
ee /etc/rc.conf
1. apache22_enable=”YES”
2. apache22_http_accept_enable=”YES”

/usr/local/etc/rc.d/apache22 start

cd /usr/ports/databases/mysql55-server
make –D BUILD_OPTIMIZED install
 mysql_install_db —user=mysql —basedir=/usr/loca
 mysqld_safe &
ee /etc/rc.conf
1. mysql_enable=”YES”

 /usr/local/etc/rc.d/mysql-server restart
 chown root:wheel /tmp
 chmod 777 /tmp
 chmod =t /tmp

 mysqladmin –u root password ‘localpassword’
mysql -u root -p


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