Extremely Weird ‘500 Internal Server Error’ Message

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I was just browsing the web on my New 3DS XL, and all of a sudden I see this really odd error message… DAFAQ??? :/

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  • February 21 2017: that happened to me when I tried to get into youtube today and it happened several more times when I was on youtube. the last time it happened to me before today was in January 2012. I think someone is playing a prank on youtube. I absolutely HATE when that @#$%^&* stinky monkey thing happens. I hope youtube gets fixed really soon so that rarbazzle sassafrassaratbit dang blasted tootflirtrattlefrak kammaflirt foppin gollywobbwahser dum frattinhouse stinklepiper monkey thing goes away and never comes back. that monkey thing absolutely STINKS! it smells like dog poop >:P

  • It's called "YouTube trying way too hard to be funny"

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