Easy Ruby On Rails deploy on Docker

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Nginx + Unicorn + foreman easy deploy Ruby On Rails
– Docker hub image : https://registry.hub.docker.com/u/sea…
– Github Dockerfile : https://github.com/seapy/dockerfiles/tree/master/rails-nginx-unicorn
– blog post(Korean) : http://seapy.com/2084

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  • This isn't a serious example. In fact, that's the problem with a lot of these kind of videos. They offer a very simple example that isn't anywhere close to what's needed for genuine production.

    Would be nice to see someone demonstrate how to prepare a completely automated workflow for Rails using Docker. How to tie services together. How to manage the data for data services (i.e. PostgreSQL, Redit, ES) outside of the container. How to setup automated builds… and use those for automated deploys as well as for dev. How to connect the flow wth Circle-CI or other continuous integration services.

    Anything less is just aggrandizing the docker propaganda that it's ready-made for developers. It's really not. It's way too abstract for non-ops people. And in my experience it's best to stick with something like Ansible + Vagrant + Capistrano (or Mina) for general one-man-operations.

    If you have a devops/systems partner that you're working with, then docker can be great. It's very powerful! But it's completely unrealistic to think you can harness its power without having a deep ops/systems background. It's just way too abstract.

  • Thank you so much for the video. It really helped a lot.
    I'm still a newbie in Docker and your video is just Heaven 🙂

    I wonder why did you install Node, NGINX, and PostgreSQL. Is there a way you can actually link containers together? Moreover, is it possible to use Capistrano to build an image from a Github repository, and pull from production.

    Again thank you so much for your help.

  • why you wrote in console 
    subl . 
    and it command opened sublime?

  • What if the app code is istting on the host and mounted with: -v /host/path/to/app:/app

    That way you can update your code without having to rebuild the docker every time.

  • I thought docker only works on Linux?

  • Hey, thanks for the quick walk through! What's the best way to watch the application log when the rails app is running? I'd like to see the response time, sql queries etc

  • Thanks for this video. I've found rails in docker to be a bit of a catch-22, expecially when it comes to bundler and migrations. Here you've created a clear workflow.

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