Domain Flipping- How to Earn Money Online! A Real Work From Home Job

Video ready, click here to close × – What are domains? – Also known as websites, domains are simply registered space online which can contain information or virtually anything you can think of, from videos, to games etc. In the real world, it would be best compared to actual buildings. For instance, your house has an address, and it’s registered for that space. Likewise, there is space on the internet, known as an IP address, and each domain name is registered with these IP addresses.

Now, you can acquire a domain by purchasing a new one or already existing domain. New domains are roughly 10$ or less, and once you purchase it you have the rights to it for a year, unless you want to pay to have it for longer. Already existing domains may cost more, especially if they already have content (information, or other related things on them to drive traffic and visitors to the website).

Flipping a website – If you want to make money from a website, it can take a lot of time to build one and do all of that work, which is why most website flippers will buy a domain which is already established. By established, I mean it contains good content, useful resources and other things which make people want to go there and buy things.

But why would you want to buy a website which already has content? Well, all you have to do then is make it even better than it was when you purchased it, and then you can resell it at a higher price.

How do I make a website better? – If you want to make a website better, you can increase it’s rankings on search engines (such as in making it appear on the first page), you can advertise this website to increase traffic, you can write reviews and articles about the website and submit these to free article directories, and you can back link (increase the awareness about your website by providing content and links back to your website on other websites).

In turn, this will increase the overall revenue of the website, and it will get more people which in the end…



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