Diesel particulate filter fix. (Improved)

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Have made this video to improve on the last one,

DPF FIX PART 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XAXr_cqDVw

I noted the text on previous video was too small to read, so this will hopefully fix this issue giving the viewer a clearer account of the settings parts required please like if this has helped you in any way.

Volvo V50 S60 and generic fords Peugeot etc etc with variations
how to bypass the failed DPF and save in the region of £500 on replacement costs
also increase BHP & fuel economy

also see my last video DPF FIX PART 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XAXr_cqDVw

This was done on a 2004 Volvo V50, but as Volvo are mostly ford parts, its also applicable to fords of the same era with same hardware, etc.

My symptoms were DPF filter blocked, Elloy tank empty, limp mode, revs limited, causing fault lights and Engine service lights to come on, 2800rpm limit!!

The Fix in short

To Remove the DPF from below the vehicle.

1 Disconnect two rubber pressure feedback pipes pliers will do this.

2 Disconnect the temp sensor plug from cross member directly below pressure pipes.

3 Unbolt unit-using spanners and ratchet may require a good soaking with WD or similar.

4 Bore out ceramic of DPF to approx. 20mm-25mm MAX using drill, some BACK PRESSURE is required don’t remove to much material

5 Blank off pressure pipes or simply loop them together using redundant hose.

6 Refit DPF unit and reconnect temp sensor.

7 Disconnect and loop pressure sensor on battery box {under bonnet}

8 On pressure sensor remove plug locate the correct wires as per video and fit potentiometer and adjust value as per video you will need a basic multimeter.

Have a look at 1.06 -1.12 seconds in the clip for wiring of potentiometer, to adjust you need a small instrument screwdriver values are not set in stone, you may need to adjust yours slightly different than mine to work.

9 Make sure you secure potentiometer and wrap in insulating tape to protect potentiometer.




  • I have a corsa cdti 1.3 2007 could be done this

  • Can you describe how to connect the resistance?
    Which cable is which? and so on.

  • Hey, need some more details, is it possible ? I have a volvo S40 2007 1.6 diesel

  • Just purchased a iCarsoft reader well recomended for reading codes £115 delivered

  • ECM-940F / ECM-6661 fault codes picked up lately on S60 2007 D5

    Any ideas for fix only symptom seems to be loss of cruise control , codes cleared cruise control resumes and sometimes just very rarely rear brake high level light sticks on any ideas??

  • Finally got round to doing this, The previous owner had already removed the contents of the DPF, leaving me with a consistent codes and limp mode. Added the variable resister, but needed to be set for .39v any lower and was still 'reporting trap below efficiency' after a short drive. I can now drive normally without triggering the codes. Used a 1k pot i had laying around… Car 2006 Volvo V50 Diesel 124k miles on the clock

  • Just thought I'd share my experiences on this for anyone who needs it. I got an under-voltage warning at 0.35v when fitting the potentiometer (2006 mazda 6), so I had to increase it to 0.55v. I also fitted a thermistor to deal with the temperature flux. 

    Cars typically expect a range back between 0.5 and 5 volt (0.5 being a clean dpf, 5v being very dirty)

    Before this the mechanic I used had set my potentiometer to 2.5v, which is kind of fine, but it meant the car was in continuous regen mode, therefore smoking horrifically!!!!

  • How can we  in corsa cdti 1.3 2007

  • The variable resistor trick might not work on all cars since some of them expect to see a certain amount of fluctuation in differential pressure. You can fix this by soldering a string of 4 diodes (or any other piece that varies resistance with temp) from the 5V side to the variable resistor. Now the pressure reading will go up slightly when the car warms up wich was enough to fool my mazda 6 (got about 1-2 kPa difference from cold to warm). Regeneration might still occur though depending on the car I guess..

  • My Mazda 3 is equipped with identical sensor, how did you worked out the required voltage I am asking just in case I am gonna need to adjust it to Mazda's preferences. Also I thought that the re-gen is mileage and software dependant as well is it not? Cheers

  • Great video and great description. Thank you very much for sharing it. I'm not having any DPF problems, but I will save this for the future. Thanks again, keep up the good work. Cheers !

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