Dart: Another Tool in the Toolbox with the Austin.RB Meetup

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About the Austin.RB Meetup:

This is a group devoted to Ruby, a great language used for things beyond rails. We talk about Sinatra, Deep dives into the workings of Ruby, other things we find interesting as Rubyists and practicing Ruby by doing katas in the second half of every meeting.


Dart, a language designed by Google and recently approved by the Ecma, is build momentum as a structured and scalable web programming language. Dart compiles to JavaScript and runs across the open modern web. Nola will give an overview of the language and show how easy it is to use for console and web applications. Jesse Riggins will explain the power of the Dart VM and how he uses it at SonarDesign.


Jesse Riggins & Nola Stowe – Maybe we’ll think of something clever to put here, but we are best experienced over beers (or root beer) at socialization practice. 🙂

About Capital Factory

Capital Factory is the entrepreneurial center of gravity in Austin, Texas. Located in the middle of downtown, Capital Factory has 50,000 square feet full of startups and entrepreneurs. Take classes to learn the skills that startups need, attend meet ups to find a co-founder, rent a desk for your startup or apply for funding and mentorship in the Incubator.


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